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Hi! I'm Jordan, co-founder of Keto Krate. We started Keto Krate for a few reasons. First, to bring tasty keto snacks to keto'ers. Beyond that, we want to spread the knowledge and benefits of the keto diet so that people can improve their lives and become happier. Our ultimate goal is to help change the landscape of the food industry by slowing down irresponsible food manufacturers who are pumping out products full of sugar and contributing to sugar addiction, disease and unhappiness. If you'd like to join us in these endeavours, please consider signing up for Keto Krate.

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    1. Hi Meta!

      Right now, the chocolates are too hot to transport over to the US and to ship to customers. But they should be back in stock in a month or so (September/October)! In the meantime, you can sign up here to be notified once the chocolates are back in stock.

      Happy snacking!

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