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Adapt Your Life – Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bar

Adapt Your Life – Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bar

 Adapt Your Life – Cinnamon Swirl Protein Bar     



12g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving.

How many of you have heard that Keto is going to clog your arteries? That you NEED carbs to live?  That eating THAT much fat isn’t healthy for anyone!…and the worst “FAT MAKES YOU FAT!” I guess to be fair, I spent the majority of my life believing these lies too. Like many of you, before finding the keto WOE I lived an extremely restricted, low-fat, low-calorie, ineffective, low-fun diet 🙁  There are always going to be people who object to our lifestyle choices but the science is becoming more mainstream and we have some prominent scientists and physicians backing the keto way.  

A huge supporter of the low-carb-high-fat/keto lifestyle is the co-founder of Adapt Your Life, Dr. Westman. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University Health System and Director of the Duke Lifestyle Medical Clinic. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of the Obesity Medicine Association (formerly the American Society of Bariatric Physicians) and a Fellow of the Obesity Society and the Society of General Internal Medicine. In 2010,  he was named the American Society of Bariatric Physicians’ “Bariatrician of the Year” for his work in advancing the field of obesity medicine. – Those are some pretty impressive credentials if you ask me. 

Adapt Your Life Protein Bars were created with two things in mind; making a low carb high-fat diet accessible to everyone and creating great quality products! Their protein bars are very low in TOTAL carbs and have the right protein to fat ratios.  They are nutritionally dense, chewy, and carefully formulated using a blend of high-quality healthy fats (like MCT oil) and three proteins to ensure that blood and insulin levels are affected as little as possible. Adapt Your Life has also included a great source of “Soluble Fiber” which is shown to have a prebiotic effect on gut bacteria, as well as limit blood and insulin responses and increase calcium absorption. 

     Keep your eye on their website, they have a new line of “Keto Bars” coming soon and they look delish!

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.
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