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Ayoba-Yo Original Biltong

Ayoba-Yo Original Biltong

 Ayoba-Yo – Original Biltong     


Biltong has been a big game changer for keto’ers and the carb conscious alike. For those of you who haven’t heard of biltong before it is a delicious, air-dried meat snack originating in South Africa. Authentic foods like biltong are some of my favorite keto snacks because they were originally created and consumed before sugar was mass produced and dumped unscrupulously into almost every consumable product on the market. Regular ‘gas station’ jerky is typically soaked in sugar, molasses, and/or chemicals to help the beef appear and feel more tender. It doesn’t really seem to work though. Have you ever had muscle fatigue from eating jerky?  I know I have! 

This traditional biltong from Ayoba-Yo offers up a flavor that is unmistakably South African. It is mild in spice but lively in character and completely irresistible for snacking. If anything differentiates Ayoba-Yo from other biltong brands it’s the tangy, seasoned flavor of their perfectly marbleized meat. The tender, meaty chewing and complete flavor profile bring Ayoba-Yo’s Biltong into another realm of face-stuffing charcuterie.

Did you know Ayoba-Yo (pronounced: Ah-Yohbah-Yoh) is a South African catchword used to express amazement, excitement, and approval? Now you know, Ayoba-Yo! 


4.5g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving.

     Visit Ayoba-Yo’s  website to learn about their other authentic South African meat snacks!

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.
 Keto_Krate_Grandpa_Jerky_Box_Feb_2017Ayoba-Yo’s Traditional Biltong was featured in our September 2017 Keto Krate.  If you’d like to receive a new selection of Keto friendly snacks to your doorstep each month–Sign-up for Keto Krate

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