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Brooklyn Biltong – Steakhouse Biltong

Brooklyn Biltong – Steakhouse Biltong



$8.00/2 oz bag  

2g fat/Serving

0g net carbs/Serving

Biltong is South Africa’s version of beef jerky and is a beloved savory snack for many keto’ers. There are some key differences between jerky and biltong though, and if you’re not familiar with it, the flavor of biltong can be surprising. Biltong is air dried and not smoked, so you’re not going to get a big whiff of hickory when you open the pouch. Instead, you’ll be treated to the tangy aroma of spiced beef. You’ll also notice a hint of apple cider vinegar. This helps cure the meat and gives biltong its zippy flavor and super tender texture. Brooklyn Biltong’s Jo’Burg Steakhouse recipe uses garlic and paprika to warm the palate and accentuate the clean flavor profiles of grass-fed beef. Since biltong is made without sugar and has zero net carbs, it’s a super safe Keto snack that you can rely on. Take your taste buds on a snack adventure and enjoy flavorful South African style snacks with Brooklyn Biltong.

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As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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