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Chef’s Cut – Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky

Chef’s Cut – Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky



2g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

One of the greatest challenges facing our information-age generation is how to simultaneously eat buffalo chicken wings while taking a selfie and updating our statuses on how much we love chicken wings (#yum).

Using premium chicken breast and a carefully crafted combination of cayenne red peppers, sea salt, garlic powder, and vinegar Chef’s Cut takes your snacking (and your social life) to a whole new level by recreating a classic favorite and turning it into portable chicken perfection.

Seriously, these babies taste like the real thing. They are everything you love about buffalo chicken wings with the portability of jerky.

Now you can snack, snap, scroll and selfie like a pro without having to wipe your hands on your pants first!

Head to their website where you can bundle and save on your order! 

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

Chef’s Cut Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky was featured
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