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February Keto Krate Contest Winners!

February Keto Krate Contest Winners!


Congratulations to the winners of our monthly Keto Krate giveaway!

@psshepard – Recycling her Krate in an awesome way!

@caseydoesketo – Posted a great unboxing photo!

@KtO_Keto – For her great review of @DavesMEATnNUTS jerky!

@Ella_blogs – For sharing a beautiful unboxing video!

Homepage Contest Winners: Brandi K., Catrice P., Audrey M., Kelli D., Alicia T.

Each month we give away 9 Keto Krates! (4 from social media, and 5 from our homepage contest at ketokrate.com!) Enter to win today by doing one or more of the following:

1. Enter our homepage contest at ketokrate.wpengine.com

2. Share a pic reusing or recycling your Krate

3. Share a pic or review of any Krate item (on their own or used in a meal/recipe)

4. Share an unboxing video or photo

We love giving back to this amazing community, so thank you for entering! Don’t forget to tag us @ketokrate or #ketokrate, so we don’t miss your entry!


Theresa R.

Well hello, fancy meeting you here! I'm Theresa, a self-proclaimed keto fanatic and the Official Flavor Raver here at Keto Krate! It is my dream and my passion to build people up, help them control their cravings, stay on track and find success on their journey to healthy living! I do this by scouring the earth and finding the tastiest, most convenient keto-friendly snack foods and bringing them to our subscribers. Thank you so much for joining me on this Ketoventure - together we can shift the mindset of big food manufacturers and show them we are unhappy with the sugar-filled status quo!

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