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Gilded Nut – Original Blend Pistachios

Gilded Nut – Original Blend Pistachios

 Gilded Nut – Original Blend Pistachios      


Holy smokes! These have got to be hands down the most delicious pistachios I have ever tasted. Ever! No joke. No exaggeration. Let’s be honest, pistachios are good, they are a fun food to eat and taste pretty decent naturally or tossed in a bit of sea salt. It might be hard to imagine there could be anything remarkable about pistachios. In fact, prior to trying Guilded Nut, I was of the opinion that once you’ve tried one pistachio, you’ve pretty much tried them all.

I could not have been more wrong. These are incredible! I couldn’t just cack them open, pop the edible portion in my mouth, and toss the shell with little regard for what I just ate and move on to the next one (which is usually what happens when I buy regular pistachios out of a bulk bin). No, these were too good for that. Each individual pistachio deserved my undivided attention. I was completely mindful, totally in the moment and fully engaging each of my senses with every bite. The flavor was expertly balanced and powerful without being overwhelming. The taste was entirely satisfying and lingered giving me the chance to recap the magic that just happened. After making sure every morsel of flavor was removed from the shell, I reluctantly and delicately returned the shell to the beautifully designed box from which it came a let out a sigh of contentment. If it sounds like a love affair…thats probably because it is.    


13g fat/serving

4g net carbs/serving.

     Gilded Nut has 4 magical flavors that you’re sure to fall in love with. Order them here!

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.
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