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Good Dee’s– Blondies Baking Mix

Good Dee’s– Blondies Baking Mix

Good Dee’s– Blondies Baking Mix


$11.99 per package

2g fat/serving (before adding egg and butter)

1g net carbs/serving

Good Dee’s was started by Founder Deana (a.k.a Dee) when she needed a lifestyle change after having her first baby. She was tired of fat diets and feared diabetes as it runs in her family. After researching keto and LCHF and seeing the results, she started to bake her own low carb “goodies” which became Good Dee’s! Non-keto and keto folk alike loved the baked goods and wanted an easy way to make it themselves at home. Grab a mix, add eggs and butter or oil and done! 

Also available: Brownie mix, snickerdoodle mix and chocolate chip cookie mix!


As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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