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KetoKrate Recap – August 2018

KetoKrate Recap – August 2018

A look back at our August 2018 KetoKrate 

Products Featured:

Lemon Cupcakes


2.5g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving

Sticking to your keto diet when your inner carbie-Barbie rears her ugly head is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy when you have SmartCakes around to back you up — and we’re living for their brand new Lemon flavor! It’s bright, cheery, and full of zest! One bite of these soft, airy cupcakes is sure to calm the cravings and put a summery smile back on your face. Get ready to squeal with delight because SmartCakes are sugary-sweet and all things neat — with ZERO net carbs per serving. They are a 100% guilt-free treat to keep you sweet so you can pucker up and kiss those carby-cravings goodbye!

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Valid until September 7th,2018 for 15% off. 

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 Curt’s Classic Flax Crackers



8g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving

Crunchy cravings are one of the hardest hankerings to handle when following the Keto diet, which is why we included Raw Food Central’s Classic Flax Crackers in this month’s Krate. They make savory, crunchy snacking super easy! Using raw ingredients and phytonutrient-rich Italian seasonings, Raw Food Central has created a crispy cracker that’s flavorful enough to munch on its own and sturdy enough to handle even the thickest of dips — Now what are you waiting for? Open em’ up and get crackin’

Get your crunch on with Raw Food Central!

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Sea Salt Pecans



22g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving

These aren’t your local grocery store’s dusty bulk bin pecans — These are Front Porch Pecans, and they are easily the biggest, richest, butteriest pecans you’ll have. Ever. What gives Front Porch pecans their gorgeous, creamy, subtle sweetness? Maybe it’s the 100-year-old Georgia orchard where they are grown, maybe it’s because they are freshly picked and roasted, or maybe it’s magic. Who knows? Whatever the reason, they’ll change the way you view and taste pecans forever.

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Valid until August 30th,2018 for 15% off. 

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Original Mini’s


6g fat/each

0g fat/each

If your only wish is to be carried away in a riptide of artisan-crafted, crunchy cheese, ParmCrisps might be for you. They are made entirely from 100% aged Parmesan cheese, oven baked in small batches with no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, and are delicate, richly flavored circles of joy sure to please any cheese lover. Simply open the bag and surrender yourself to wave after wave of cheesy goodness.   

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Valid until November 5th,2018 for 15% off. 

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Chorizo Droewors  



3.7g fat/pod

0g net carbs/pod

Pala Meat Snacks’ handcrafted dry-aged sausage sticks, also known as Droewors, are made using a centuries-old process that creates some of the finest tasting meat snacks around. The fat is visibly marbled throughout each stick and adds a buttery richness to the beef while accenting the Chorizo seasonings. Pala Meat Snacks’ Droewors are aged in a lamb casing, giving them a crisp bite followed by an easy-to-chew, melt-in-your mouth tenderness. Simply put — they are wildly delicious.    

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Valid until October 7th,2018 for 15% off. 

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