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KetoKrate Recap – December 2017

KetoKrate Recap – December 2017

A look back at our December 2017 KetoKrate 

Products Featured:

Just The Cheese – Aged Cheddar bar



12g fat/serving

Less than 1g total carbs/serving

Just The Cheese took cheese to a whole new level with their crispy, buttery, melt in your mouth, crunchy, toasted cheese bars. They are rich, flavorful and oh.em.geee so good. We didn’t even know it was possible to make cheese better until we tried their crunchy, toasted, aged cheddar. You can also get them in “Grilled Cheese” and “Jalapeno”

Just the Cheese is back in stock! Get your Crunchy Toasted Cheese by clicking the link below!   

Shop Just The Cheese   

The New Primal – BBQ Pork Meat Snack 



7g fat/serving

2g net carbs/serving

The New Primal’s sweet and smoky BBQ Pork meat stick is made from naturally raised, minimally processed pork and upgraded with notes of chipotle, coriander, garlic and nutmeg.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat on the go, healthful additions for school lunches, pre and post workout fuel, or an option when late-night hunger strikes, they’ve got you covered.

The New Primal is there to fuel your life’s adventures, wherever they may take you. 

Fuel your health and sh0p the New Primal!  

Shop The New Primal

Curly Girlz Candy – Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee



7g fat/serving

3g net carbs/serving

Curly Girlz’ Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee is everything you want in a toffee minus the carbs! The taste is phenomenal. It’s rich and creamy on the outside, sweet and buttery on the inside.

And the texture….oh the texture…it is nothing short of perfection.

When you bite into their toffee you get that expected hard crack which is indicative of a properly made toffee, followed by the brittle crumble, and finally, the toffee melts in your mouth for an indulgent all-consuming taste extravaganza. . 

Try Curly Girlz’ entire line of sugar-free Keto confections by heading to their website! 

Shop Curly Girlz Candy 

Natural & Low Carb Kitchen – Raspberry and Nut Fattbar  



9g fat/each

4g net carbs/each

We just knew you’d fall in love with each nourishing bite of this international delight. It’s delicately fruity, simply satisfying and filled with good wholesome ingredients like dried raspberries, almonds, Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds.

This tasty treat is not currently offered in the US but the Natual & Low Carb Store is looking to introduce their Fattbars internationally so you’ll once again be able to enjoy these ambrosial delights anytime you like.     

Keep an eye on their website for when they are able to offer international shipping! 

The Natural & Low Carb Kitchen  

Chef’s Cut – Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky 



2g fat/serving

3g net carbs/serving

Using premium chicken breast and a carefully crafted combination of cayenne red peppers, sea salt, garlic powder, and vinegar Chef’s Cut takes your snacking (and your social life) to a whole new level by recreating a classic favorite and turning it into portable chicken perfection.

Seriously, these babies taste like the real thing. They are everything you love about buffalo chicken wings with the portability of jerky. 

Head to their website where you can bundle and save on your order! 

Shop Chef’s Cut Real Jerky 

Front Porch Pecans – Sea Salt 



22g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving 

Front Porch Pecans are the biggest, butteriest, richest, most scrump-diddly-umtious pecans we’ve have ever had. Ever. Maybe it’s the 100-year-old Georgia orchard where they are grown, maybe its because they are freshly picked and freshly roasted, maybe it’s magic.

Who knows?

Whatever the reason, Front Porch’s Sea Salt Pecans are the best pecans we’ve ever tried and we think you’re going to love them too. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy Front Porch Pecans and that’s pretty much the same thing.! 

Try them for yourself and you’ll agree nobody can, like a Front Porch Pecan!  

Shop Front Porch Pecans  

NuNaturals – Pumpkin Spice Syrup On the Go Packets


$1.00/each on the go packet

0g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving 

Pumpkin, and Cocoa and Chai oh my! NuNaturals sugar-free stevia syrups are nothing short of amazing! Their pumpkin spice syrup features hints of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice, adding just the right amount of fall flavor to your favorite foods and drinks. 

Pumpkin Spice up your life with the entire NuNaturals line of syrup flavors, beverage enhancers, and sweeteners!  

Shop NuNaturals

Gorilly Goods – Hillside Pumpkin Seed and Kale 



7g fat/serving

2g net carbs/serving 

Gorilly Goods Hillside Pumpkin Seed and Kale snack blend is crispy and flavorful.  Each handful is powered by the dense nutritional properties of kale, nutritional yeast, and pumpkin seeds while the savory blend of seasonings are warm, earthy and inviting. Gorilly Goods give 2% of their proceeds to the Diane Fossey Gorilla Fund to protect gorillas. It truly is feel-good snacking from the inside out.

Evolve the way you snack and try Gorilly Goods other Keto friendly flavor Baja! 

Shop Gorilly Goods  


These great companies were featured in our December 2017 KetoKrate.  Want to receive a new selection of Keto friendly snacks to your doorstep each month?  Sign-up for KetoKrate

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