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Keto Krate Recap – July 2018

Keto Krate Recap – July 2018

A look back at our July 2018 Keto Krate 

Products Featured:

 Dulce De Leche Sugar-Free Meringueswww.KrunchyMelts.com


0g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving

Krunchy Melts are delicious, melt-in-your-mouth artisan meringue cookies that will satisfy your crunchy cravings and settle your sweet tooth. Their brand new Dulce de Leche flavor is the ultimate indulgence with its soft, smooth caramel tones and rich, creamy sweetness. The light, airy pouffes are crispy and delicate as you bite into them but quickly melt in your mouth as though they were made from real sugar!

Krunchy Melts Have an Assortment of Sugar-Free Artisan Merengues to Try.  

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 Knead and Squeeze Energy Blends in Original Chocolate or Tropical Margarita   



24g fat/serving

2g net carbs/serving

Ready, set, Fat Fit Go! These perfect keto pockets of energy pack a long-lasting punch! They’re made from premium, plant-based ingredients and are packaged in super durable travel-ready pouches so you can get the energy boost you need when you need it. To enjoy, simply knead for 20 seconds or more until well-blended, tear the corner off, and eat straight out of the pouch. Fat Fit Go pouches are available in two flavors; Tropical Margarita which emphasizes a super-tangy island twist of lime, coconut and sea salt with crunchy premium nuts, and Original Chocolate which features a rich, nutty blend of pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts, and chia seeds surrounded in velvety cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cinnamon.   

Fat Fit Go was created by Kendrea and Rob Benson, husband and wife super team who live a healthy fat fueled life and help others do the same!

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  ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hamburger’ Filet Mignon Beef Jerky   



3.5g fat/serving

5g net carbs/serving

No longer is the meaty deliciousness of jerky limited to road trips and dateless Friday nights with Netflix (we’re not judging—we love Netflix). You’ll find all kinds of occasions to serve Three Jerks scrumptious all-natural beef jerky. They’ve combined the finest cuts of filet mignon with high-quality spices to create a gourmet beef jerky that will Blow. Your. Mind. Their “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Hamburger Jerky’ is made with layers of burger-y infused flavors (think ketchup, mustard, and pickles). Each tender slice melts-in-your-mouth and leaves you feeling like you’ve just enjoyed a big juicy filet mignon burger. Try it for lunch on the go – no napkins required. 

You Won’t Believe Your Tastebuds!

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Cheddar Air Cheesewww.ILoveSnacking.com


7g fat/each

3g fat/each

Snacking should taste good, feel good, and be good for you! These are some of the reasons we love Air Cheese so much! After using a special puffing process, cheese is transformed into crunchy, puffy, fun, and flavorful bite-sized bits that are 100% natural and 100% delicious. The only ingredient is cheese! Air Cheese is a brand new addition to the “I Love Snacking” family who make simply scrumptious snacks you can feel good about eating!

Keep Your Head in the Clouds and Dream of Big Flavor and Crunch With Air Cheese! 

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Peanut Butter Keto Bar  



14g fat/pod

4g net carbs/pod

KetoWatt’s brand-spanking-new peanut butter bars are out of this world and Keto Krate subscribers were one of the first to try them! They are a uniquely sweet treat, offering a long, satisfying, chocolatey chew complete with crunchy bits of peanuts. They taste like candy bars but are made using keto-friendly ingredients that help you to stay in a nutritional ketosis when your sweet tooth strikes!

Power Up With KetoWatt and Save 15% When You Use the Coupon Code KetoKrate From Now Until September 4th, 2018! 

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Birthday Cake Cookiewww.EatNui.com


2g fat/serving

2g net carbs/serving 

In July we celebrated the launch of a brand-new cookie company, Nui! Their name rhymes with oooey and chewy—just like their cookies! We’re living for their new Birthday Cake Cookies and we thought you’d love ‘em too! Birthday Cake flavoring is one of the hottest trends in the food space right now, but prior to Nui, there weren’t a whole lot of options out there in the Keto’verse for people like us. Now you can have your birthday cake and eat it too because Nui is low in sugar and high in cookies!  

Use the Coupon Code KETOKRATE15 to Save 15% On Your Order From Now Until September 4th, 2018!

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Buttery Flavor Coconut Oil

$8.99/14oz Jar 

14g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving 

Nutiva Organic Buttery Coconut Oil is perfect for when you want to receive the nutritional benefits of coconut oil without the taste. Saute savory foods, reap the benefits of MCTs, and still enjoy a rich, buttery flavor when you need it. Use Nutiva anywhere you would use regular butter or coconut oil, and get the best of both worlds. It’s nice to have options for flavor without compromising nutrition, and now you can have both. 

Save 5 Dollars on Your First Online Order of Nutiva by Using the Code NUTIVAKETOKRATE5 During Checkout! Offer Valid Until December 31st, 2018!

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Garlic Jalapeno Kippered Beef Sticks



0.5g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving

We were super proud to team up with Paleo Ranch in July to bring you their wildly delicious 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished Garlic Jalapeño Kippered Beef sticks. Paleo Ranch has an unparalleled commitment to animal treatment, which means each and every member of their cattle family is treated humanely and is pasture raised. This, in turn, increases the nutritional value and taste of the beef. In addition to raising their animals humanely, Paleo Ranch donates 10% of their profits to animal charities. Their mission is to provide people with delicious health foods and conduct themselves in environmentally friendly and ethical ranching methods that provide a more natural and happy lifestyle for animals.

 For a Limited Time, Paleo Ranch Kippered Beef Sticks are Only $1 Each When You Purchase 24 or More! 

Shop Paleo Ranch  


Flavored Electrolyte Drink Mix


$0.90/drink stick

0g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving 

Remember that level in Mario when the sun is trying to kill you? That’s kind of what this summer has been like. Dang Hot. Beat the scorching summer heat with fun, refreshing Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix! Hydration has never been easier or tastier! Ultima perfectly balances all 6 electrolytes and supportive minerals to help you perform at your best. Whether you’re running a marathon or late for work, Ultima Replenisher is convenient, complete hydration support without the sugar so you can sweat, smile, replenish, and repeat!

 Refresh and Rehydrate with Ultima Replenisher’s Ultimate Hydration Drink Sticks – Available in a Variety of Fun Fruity Flavors!

Shop Ultima Replenisher 


KetoManna – Ketogenic Chocolate Wonderfood 



20g fat/serving

2g net carbs/serving 

KetoManna is ketogenic chocolate fudge loaded with brain-boosting MCTs, which will give you a quick dose of energy in a seriously delicious way. Our favorite way to eat KetoManna is to stick it in the fridge until it becomes a solid fudge bar. You can also eat it straight out of the pouch. Simply knead the package vigorously, tear off a corner, and squeeze straight into your mouth. It’s a chocolatey, rich, super tasty treat that fills you up and fuels you so you can fulfill your wildest Keto dreams! Who said eating low-carb on-the-go-had to be a challenge?

 Use The Coupon Code KMKETOKRATE to Save 10% on Your Order of KetoManna From Now Until September 30th, 2018!

Shop Synchro KetoManna  


Original Grass-fed Beef Sticks



8g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving 

Nick, the founding farmer and visionary of Nick’s Sticks, is a true pioneer within the grass-fed beef and nutrient-dense food movements, and he is passionate about producing only the highest-quality food products. The cattle that are used thrive on green grass, sunshine, and free-range living. This is the whole philosophy behind Nick’s Sticks—a straightforward, uncomplicated food that nourishes your body and soul.

 Use The Coupon Code KETO15 and Save 15% on Your Order of Nick’s Sticks From Now Until September 15th, 2018!

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