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KetoKrate Recap – June 2017

KetoKrate Recap – June 2017

A look at our June 2017 KetoKrate 

Products Featured:

Keto Kookie – Chocolate Chip Cookies


$3.99/pack of two cookies

10g fat/cookie

1.4g net carbs/cookie

Keto Kookie was created by two friends who went on a ketogenic diet and lost fat and felt amazing. But they had a hard time finding something sweet and ready made. So with health in mind, they invented Keto Kookie to make keto more fun, tasty, and convenient. Keto Kookies are a low-carb, gluten-free sweet and buttery harmony of almond flour, coconut, grass-fed butter, and natural sweeteners.

Also available in snickerdoodle and double chocolate flavors! 

Shop Keto Kookie


Everly – Sugar free drink mix


$3.99/3 packets

0g fat/serving

0g net carbs/serving

Everly is sugar free flavored water mix with a purpose.  For every pack of Everly sold they donate a treatment of life saving rehyrdation medicine to mothers in rural Zambia.  This is a company that deserves our support based on this merit alone… never mind the fact that their product is delicious.  Please support them on social media using tag @goeverly  

Available in 4 flavors–Pomegranate Berry, Peach Mango, Strawberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch

Shop Everly


Good Dee’s– Blondies Baking Mix


$11.99 per package

2g fat/serving (before adding egg and butter)

1g net carbs/serving

Good Dee’s was started by Founder Deana (a.k.a Dee) when she needed a lifestyle change after having her first baby. She was tired of fat diets and feared diabetes as it runs in her family. After researching keto and LCHF and seeing the results, she started to bake her own low carb “goodies” which became Good Dee’s! Non-keto and keto folk alike loved the baked goods and wanted an easy way to make it themselves at home. Grab a mix, add eggs and butter or oil and done! 

Also available: Brownie mix, snickerdoodle mix and chocolate chip cookie mix!

Shop Good Dee’s


Foods Alive – Onion Garlic Flax Crackers



8g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving

Foods Alive is a family owned company dedicated to creating the healthiest foods with whole ingredients.  Their creations also tend to be very low in carbs–what do you expect with quality, whole food gluten free ingredients?  Make sure to visit their website to checkout which other Foods Alive products fit into your keto diet.  One of the best keto snacks when you just need something crunchy!  Dip them into your favorite dips or melt some cheese all over’em.

Click here to check out their whole line of crackers and snackers!


Quest Nutrition – Cinnamon Roll Cereal Bar



4.5g fat/bar

2g net carbs/bar

These Quest cereal bars are ‘cereal’ously delicious.  “What?  No I will not step away from the keyboard”.  Anyways, try all 3 delicious flavors and then hop on over to their brand new site QuestKeto.com to checkout Quest’s new product line–fully prepared Keto meals!

Also enjoy Waffle and Chocolate flavored cereal bars! Click here.


The New Primal – Pork Stick



8g fat/serving

2g net carbs/serving

As a pioneer in grass-fed jerky snacks, TNP strives to bring a fresh approach to an old favorite. While they began with jerky, their core mission extends to an entire way of life that emphasizes fueling a natural lifestyle. They are a company built on honesty and integrity and they hope to inspire everyone who encounters their brand to make better food choices, highlighted by their core focus: You are what you eat. Choose wisely.

Check out their entire line of delicious jerky and sticks! Click here.


LaCroix – Sugar Free Sparkling Water


$1.59 ($12.50 for pack of 8 cans)

0g fat/can

0g net carbs/can

Heard of LaCroix yet?  They’re fast becoming one of the most important assets in a keto dieter’s tool kit.  Always sugar free and always delicious with many different flavors to choose from.  Do you have a favorite yet?  Let us know your favorite on social media and be sure to tag @lacroixwater

Find LaCroix at these retailers or buy online!



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