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KetoKrate Recap – October 2019

KetoKrate Recap – October 2019



Products Featured:


Double Dark Chocolate

$7.00 Each 

12g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

Need a snack? Dessert? Fuel? Something to make your day/week/month/year? Reach for scrumptious Revol Snax! Created with clean, high-quality ingredients by co-founders who share their love for food and nutrition, Revol Snax are filling and beyond tasty. Their Double Dark Chocolate with Ganache Filling is rich and decadent — and their other flavors are equally dreamy. Packed with high-quality fats from organic coconut and almonds, you can enjoy dessert sans carbs!

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Valid until December 3rd, 2019




Pumpkin Spice


$2.99 Each

22g fat/Serving

4g net carbs/Serving

Fall wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin spice. Stoka Nutrition promises that you can dive into this seasonal flavor without the carbs (looking at you, PSL!) Flavorful, sweet, and filling, their Pumpkin Spice Bar is perfection in bar form. Their reformulated and chewier bars are even better than before! Be sure to check out their other products too — along with their 10 bar flavors, Stoka Nutrition offers cereal, sprinkles, and Marshmallow Creme!

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Valid until December 31st, 2019





Pro Puffs

$4.00 Each 

9g fat/Serving

5g net carbs/Serving

With General Mills’ Boo Berry, Franken Berry, and Count Chocula lining the cereal aisle this month, you’re probably feeling nostalgic for some sweet crunchiness. Luckily for you, Meals for Muscle is saving the day! Their Chocolate Pro-Puffs are packed with protein and fat instead of sugar, and there’s no compromise on the flavor! Whether you munch on cereal straight out of the container or in a bowl with your Keto-friendly milk of choice, you’ll enjoy that chocolatey crunch without the carb-fueled spike!

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Valid until December 3rd, 2019




Carrot Spice

$3.00 Each 

14g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Over at KetoKrate HQ we have a special place in our hearts for Nush. Crafted with love and clean ingredients, Nush cakes = deliciousness. Their Carrot Spice Cake is loaded with fall flavors. Looking for the perfect fall evening? We recommend putting on big fuzzy socks, lighting a candle, making tea, and snuggling up under a blanket before indulging in this cake. Top with cream cheese or whipped cream for ultimate bliss. 

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Valid until December 4th 2019




Raspberry Gouda Snack Mix

Keto Farms

$3.99 Each 

13g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Can’t decide if you’re craving sweet or savory? Reach for Keto Farms’ Raspberry Gouda innovative snack mix. Their perfectly salted almonds and pecans are generously paired with crunchy gouda and raspberries, creating a divine flavor profile. Plus, the perfect Keto macros — created with real food — fuel your body with zero compromise. So when you’re looking for that 3pm pick-me-up that won’t launch you into a carb-zombie state, reach for Keto Farms!

Satisfy your sweet AND savory cravings and save 15% on Keto Farms with code 15KETOKRATE

Valid until December 3rd 2019




Raspberry Lemonade

Theory of Kombucha

$2.50 Each

0g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

Even though Kombucha — aka fermented tea — has been consumed for hundreds of years, it’s really been in the spotlight recently! Packed with probiotics and vitamins, Theory of Kombucha adds a new spin on this beverage. Instead of sipping on a sugary drink that requires refrigeration, you can now enjoy Keto-friendly Kombucha wherever you go. Their Raspberry Lemonade flavor will energize you while adding delicious flavor to your day!

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Valid until November 1st, 2019




Chocolate Almond Butter Keto Bar


$3.29 Each

17g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Ketologie’s shakes have become a staple in our pantry, so we were super thrilled when Ketologie announced they were creating a Keto Bar! And we’re beyond honored to be part of their bar launch this October 🎉 After all, that means YOU are one of the first to try their new product! With 17g of fat, you’re bound to be satisfied after biting into their delectable Chocolate Almond Butter Bar. Talk about making this Halloween a treat!

Stock up on deliciousness and save 15% on Ketologie with coupon code KETOKRATE

Valid until December 3rd, 2019




Golden Turmeric Collagen Fuel

Primal Kitchen


2.5g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

Founded by Mark Sisson — who lives by the motivational motto “Eat like your life depends on it” — Primal Kitchen is bringing clean collagen, condiments, and bars to the forefront of the food industry. In your October Krate, you have the chance to nourish your body with their deliciously creamy Golden Turmeric Collagen Fuel. While the collagen supports your hair + skin + and nails, the turmeric-cardamon-black pepper-cinnamon-nutmeg blend will sweep you into fall flavors. Blend in your favorite Keto-friendly milk, coffee, or smoothies, and you’ll be “golden.”

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Valid until December 3rd, 2019




Sour Cream and Onion



8g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Developed by Zack, who has Type 1 diabetes, along with Carly and Nick, Quevos offers a bold and savory egg white chip. Crunchy, poppin’ with flavor, and packed with quality ingredients, these chips will satisfy your craving without kicking out out of Ketosis. Their two Keto flavors — Sour Cream & Onion and Quevos Rancheros — include 10g of protein, 6g of fiber, and 3g of net carbs. Thanks to Quevos, you won’t miss chips anymore!

Enjoy the crunchy goodness of Quevos and save 15% with coupon code KETOKRATE15

Valid until December 31st, 2019




Chicken Meal Pack



7g fat/Serving

4g net carbs/Serving

Made from a vegetable called Konjac, Newdles will satisfy your pasta craving without compromising your Keto journey. Enjoy Newdles with the included tasty sauce or feature them in your favorite meat/veggie sauce, ramen, pad thai, or stir fry! Versatile and packed with fiber, Newdles offers five different flavors along with their plain spaghetti. So stock up, and make Keto-friendly pasta night a possibility!

Get your Konjac on and slurp back Newdles! Save 20% with coupon code KKF20

Valid until December 31st, 2019




Big John’s Nitrate-Free Bacon Snack Stick

Circle B Ranch


8g fat/Serving

0g net carbs/Serving

Circle B Ranch specializes in humanely-raised pork. Located in the beautiful Ozarks, the family ranch raises their hogs sustainably in the pasture. Free to run and exercise, their hogs live happy lives and don’t have added hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. The Bacon Snack Sticks are ideal for your on-the-go activities and festivities, but be sure to check out their other products too! From bacon to back ribs to pork chops, Circle B Ranch offers a wide-variety of products that are perfect to feature during the upcoming holidays.

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Valid until March 30th, 2020




Garlic Parmesan

Crazy Go Nuts


22g fat/Serving

4g net carbs/Serving

Crazy Go Nuts are bonkers about walnuts. Packed with omega-3s and antioxidants, walnuts are superfoods you want to add to your plate. Crazy Go Nuts offers a wide flavor profile with 9 different flavors that range from sweet to savory. Their Garlic Parmesan flavor is perfect to top salads, add to casseroles, or mix in with your favorite Keto-friendly sauce! Check out their other flavors, and you’ll find a match for every craving and every dish.

Add some flavorful Crazy Go Nuts to your life and save 20% with coupon code ketokrate

Valid until December 3rd, 2019




Sea Salt And Cracked Black Pepper

Southern Recipe Small Batch


8g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

A Keto’er can never go wrong with Pork Rinds. While trick-or-treaters load pillowcases with potato chips and cheesies, you can crunch away on guilt-free pork rinds from Southern Recipe Small Batch. The bold flavors won’t disappoint, and the ingredients won’t cast a dark spell on your Keto journey. On the hunt for a themed Halloween treat? Check out this month’s recipe of Mummy Hot Dogs, featuring Southern Recipe Small Batch’s Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper Pork Rinds.

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Valid until December 3rd, 2019



So What’s A Keto Krate Worth Anyways? 

The total retail value of the October products is $44.36The total cost to ship each product to yourself individually using the minimum order requirements of each site is $92.04The total value of coupon savings using the minimum order requirements of each site is $45.08The total value of the October 2019 Keto Krate is $181.48

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