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Keto Margarita with Lemon Ice Chips Candy

Keto Margarita with Lemon Ice Chips Candy

Keto Margarita with Lemon Ice Chips Candy

Summer has arrived and we think we all deserve a drink or two to celebrate! And what says summer like a margarita? While this classic cocktail might have gone off limits when you started Keto, it’s now back on the menu! This is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy while also keeping your carbs in check. And we added the lemon Ice Chips candy on the rim to add some extra pizzazz! Let’s make this the best summer ever!


  1. Mix lime juice, orange sparkling water, tequila, and powdered erythritol together in a pitcher
  2. Fill pitcher with ice
  3. Crush lemon Ice Chips candy in the bag using a hammer or blunt kitchen utensil until candies are in small crystals. Spread crushed candies out on to a saucer
  4. Slice lime into quarters and rub along rim of glass to add moisture
  5. Press the rim of each glass into the candies on the saucer to coat the rim
  6. Fill each glass with ice and pour in margarita mixture!

Nutrition information (1 jar)

Makes 4 Margaritas

Fat 0g

Net Carbs 4.6g

List IconIngredients

8 oz Lime juice

20 oz Orange flavored sparkling water

6 oz Tequila (sub water for virgin margaritas)

4 Tbsp powdered erythritol (or other powdered Keto-friendly sweetener)

1 oz Ice Chips lemon candy, crushed

1 fresh lime


Nutrition Facts

Serving size: ¼ of recipe

Calories:                                              149

Total Fat:                                             0g

Saturated Fat:                         0g

Monounsaturated Fat:            0g

Polyunsaturated Fat:              0g

Trans Fat:                               0g

Total Carbohydrate:                            4.8g

            Fiber:                                       .2g

            Sugars:                                   1g

Protein:                                               .2g

Cholesterol:                                        0mg

Sodium:                                               1.1mg

Potassium:                                          66.3mg

Emily R

I'm Emily and I've been a Keto'er for almost three years now. After dieting for 15 years, Keto finally helped me get healthy and lose 60 pounds in a way that was fun and sustainable. I am Keto for life! I joined the KetoKrate team in September of 2019 and I'm thrilled to get to share my knowledge and experiences with others on the Keto journey!

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