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Loca Snacks – Chocolate Chip Cookie

Loca Snacks – Chocolate Chip Cookie

Loca Snacks – Chocolate Chip Cookies


$2.49/Individual Cookie 


17g fat/serving

3g net carbs/serving

You’ve heard the saying, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” Well, here at Keto Krate we’re crazy enough to believe we can change the world with snack foods and we’re not the only ones. Alex Carapellotti, the creator of Loca Snacks is one such believer.  Like many of us, Alex was following a low carb WOE and was having trouble holding his ground when the urge to eat indulgent, sugar rich, carb loaded, sweet foods reared it’s ugly head (sound familiar?). Tired of the status quo, and seeing a gap in the market that caters to low carb lifestyles, he started creating tasty, guilt free, low carb indulgences that wouldn’t throw him off track.  In 2016, after experimenting with hundreds of recipes, Alex was ready to bring his very best creations to the market and he called them Loca Snacks – Crazy good for you, crazy enough to change the world of low carb snacking.  

Curious to see how Loca Snack’s cookies stack up against other brands? Click here to check out their website!


As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

Keto_Krate_Grandpa_Jerky_Box_Feb_2017Loca Snack’s Chocolate Chip Cookie was featured in our August 2017 KetoKrate.  If you’d like to receive a new selection of Keto friendly snacks to your doorstep each month–Sign-up for KetoKrate

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