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Natural Heaven- Spaghetti

Natural Heaven- Spaghetti




0g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

Natural Heaven’s Veggie Noodles are a godsend for Keto’ers who are craving pasta. Spiralizing vegetables takes time, energy, equipment, and the forethought to have fresh vegetables in the fridge. Let’s face it — sometimes life doesn’t come together that easily, and despite our best efforts, we’re stuck wondering what to make for supper. Natural Heaven Veggie Noodles can make dinner time so much easier! Simply open the package, strain the noodles, and rinse with some cold water. Your noodles are ready in seconds with no peeling, pulling, twisting, or spinning required. Now what are you going to do with all your newfound free time

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As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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