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NuNaturals – Flavored Syrups

NuNaturals – Flavored Syrups

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0g fat/Serving

<1g net carbs/serving

NuNaturals is a family owned company that started with the mission “Helping to Keep You Well’ and they certainly live up to that mission with their NuStevia on the go syrup packets. We love this product because it’s a great tasting, zero calorie alternative to sugar and comes in a variety of delightfully indulgent flavors. Call us basic but we live for their pumpkin spice and chia syrups. There are 9 flavors available and can be purchased in either the ‘on-the-go’ packets or in 16oz bottles. The on the go packets are awesome to take along in your backpack or purse for a convenient beverage boost while the full sized bottles are perfect to keep in the pantry at home. The syrup is super versatile and can be used anywhere you would have regularly used sugar or syrup. We made super yummy frozen deserts by whipping together heavy cream and Chocolate Mint Nustevia Syrup. It was pretty quick and simple we just mixed the two together until stiff peaks formed and spooned it onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and placed in the freezer. Keto can be super creative and fun especially with products like NuStevia. It’s a wonderful way to keep you living the sweet life…sugar free of course!  

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As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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