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Nush – Organic Carrot Spice Cake

Nush – Organic Carrot Spice Cake

Nush – Organic Carrot Spice Cake www.NushFoods.com

$2.99 per cake ($35.88 for box of 12)

10g fat

3g net carbs

Nush is a team of people who’ve gotten off the sugar-and-carb roller coaster and love how much better they feel. Only problem was—much as they love foods like veggies, nuts, and cheese—they missed the baked stuff!

So they invented NEW Nush snack cakes, a yummy and not-too-sweet treat with the cakey texture that pairs perfectly with coffee or tea, but satisfies your craving for comfort food any time of day.

Try all four flavors–carrot spice, lemon poppy seed, cocoa, and banana nut!

Visit NushFoods.com to purchase these tasty little cakes!  Better hurry, they’re too delicious to last long.  They’ll probably go like, … hot cakes?  Ok, we’ll show ourselves out.

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

Keto_Krate_Grandpa_Jerky_Box_Feb_2017Nush was featured in our April 2017 Keto Krate.  Want to receive a new selection of Keto friendly snacks to your doorstep each month?  Sign-up for Keto Krate

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