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Our Mission

Our Mission

If you’re a subscriber of Keto Krate you may have noticed that our insert changed this past month.  The card itself is a little bigger and sturdier. 

More importantly,  we are now featuring our mission statement on an entire side of the card.

Here’s how that looked:

Mission of Keto Krate

In the interest of honesty and transparency, I think it’s important to share that this mission is something Scott and I wrote and believed in long before Keto Krate had its first subscriber. 

We didn’t write this mission after the fact as some way to add more credibility to Keto Krate. 

We started Keto Krate because of this mission.

Until very recently KetoKrate has been mostly a two-man operation.  Scott and I launched KetoKrate on May 27th of 2015 and in the 9 months since then it’s been the two of us grinding away in our office each day trying to hold a business together. 

In January we brought a new member onto our team–Suzanne of KetoKarma.com.  Simply put, she’s been amazing to work with so far and we feel blessed that she agreed to join forces. 

Also big shout outs to Vicky of Tasteaholics.com who’s been helping us create some beautiful recipes for our blog and Kaitlyn our new customer support agent.  It warms our hearts to see the Keto Krate team growing!

Although our mission is always in the front of our minds as we run Keto Krate, sharing it with the community had eluded us until just recently–which is short-sighted seeing as there’s absolutely no way we can accomplish our mission without the support of a community.

Starting now we are going to ramp up our focus on sharing our mission and working towards progress.

What exactly is our mission and how do we plan on achieving it?

The mission statement included on our insert is short and to the point in the interest of print space.  To be honest though, we’ve written pages and pages on what our mission is and how we plan to achieve it.  I’d like to take the liberty allowed through the ample space of a blog post to further discuss our mission.

First, let’s define the enemy. 

Some people mistakenly assume that Keto Krate is against all forms of sugar–they say sugar is the devil and it’s completely toxic. 

Although I definitely empathize with that perspective (as a recovering sugar addict) and it may be a helpful mindset to adopt as a sugar addict, I believe it is ultimately a little extreme.

Let’s get one thing straight–it’s not sugar consumption alone that is the root of the obesity epidemic and metabolic disease–it’s EXCESS sugar consumption that is the problem.

As a company we are not rallying against sugar itself.  After all, how silly would it be to condemn a molecule found naturally all around us?

No, it’s not sugar we’re against.

We’re against IRRESPONSIBLE use of sugar.  We’re against being taken advantage of for the sake of profit.  We’re against companies taking advantage of the addictive properties of sugar in order to sell more of their product.  We’re against companies using more carbohydrates than fat and protein in their foods in order to lower costs and make more profit. 

We’re saddened and dismayed with the current state of the food industry and we’re going to be part of the movement that helps change it so that the majority of the food on our shelves is nourishing rather than toxic.

How do we do that?

Often the popular advice is that in order to change something, like the utterly irresponsible use of sugar society-wide, we must work from the top down–that is, change must happen through some sort of government reform, such as policies and laws that restrict the use and sale of sugar.


Top down reform is extremely unlikely to ever happen–nor do we think it should.  The war on drugs has been a complete failure and probably serves as a good case study as to why policing sugar would never work.  After all, scientists have shown that sugar is nearly as addictive to the brain as . (Ahmed, Guillem, & Vandaele, 2013 pdf)

We believe that in order to change the landscape of the food industry change must come from the bottom up.  A grassroots movement if you will.

How does that work?

Basically anything and everything that is on our supermarket and convenience store shelves is there for a reason–it sells.

If a product stops selling the retailer stops purchasing.  If enough retailers stop purchasing a particular product the manufacture will be forced to stop making it.  BOOM.  Customers actually control the market, not retailers or manufacturers.

If we can get enough people to stop buying sugar laden, toxic foods and start purchasing foods with lower carb counts and higher fat, protein, and nutrient counts we can force the food industry to change.

Sounds daunting doesn’t it?

No one said it was going to be easy.  In fact, it’s going to be hard as f*#$(* hell.  It’s going to take a long time too.  We’re talking decades.

You know what’s cool as shit though? 

As Keto’ers we’re on the front lines.  We’re the early adopters of a saner nutritional strategy.  We’re the beta testers of the diet of the future. 

If you’re a Keto’er you should be both grateful and proud that you’ve found and chosen such a nutritional strategy.  With your discovery and awareness though comes a great responsibility.  

Many of the greatest social changes in society started with an enlightened and empowered few.  These small groups were filled with so much passion that they were able to influence the many and eventually affect change.  There’s no one more passionate about sugar consumption than a Keto dieter.  

Channel this passion.  

Share Keto with your fellow man and woman.  Help spread awareness and fight the battle against sugar.  It’s only through awareness that we can help educate people on the foods which nourish them and lead to health and happiness.

What can you do to help?

  • Stop buying foods with excess processed carbohydrates like sodas, chips, candies, pastries, cookies, boxed pastas, etc.
  • Start buying and supporting products which use sugar more responsibly. 
    • In the supermarket the obvious choices are fresh meat, dairy products, etc. (also if you can afford it strongly consider supporting your local farmers for most of these items). 
    • If you’re looking for more responsible snacks on the go a good place to start would be our past boxes page.
  • Share our mission.  Enter the contest below and use the social sharing buttons at the end of this post.
    • Like I said, as Keto’ers we have the amazing opportunity to take the lead in the war against sugar.  This isn’t just Keto Krate’s mission.. this is OUR mission.  Let’s change the world.  Converting others to Keto would be great but really if we can simply help educate people on the sugar epidemic and teach better nutrition and buying practices we will have done something powerful.

Final thoughts

I’d like to close by clearing up a little misinformation regarding the products in Keto Krate and make what I think is an important point.  Earlier today on Facebook I saw someone complaining about the ingredients found in one of the products featured in KetoKrate last month.  The product in question was ProTings–a very tasty protein chip.

I’ll be the first to admit that the ingredient list on the bag isn’t exactly a who’s who lineup of optimal ingredients when it comes to the Keto diet.  Potato flakes, brown sugar, rice flour, molasses. 

Sheesh aren’t those exactly the things we’re supposed to avoid on a Keto diet?

Here’s the point–

4g net carbs per 1oz bag of ProTings.  To put that into perspective, 1oz of Doritos contains 18g of net carbohydrates.  Are ProTings the perfect Keto snack? 

Absolutely not.  Are they using sugar in a more responsible way?


The change we want out of the food industry isn’t going to happen overnight.  It’s important that we support products and companies which take us any closer to our goal. 

No, ProTings aren’t the perfect Keto food but society would be much better off if they were on the shelves instead of Doritos.  We shouldn’t shame these products for not being perfect.  Instead we need to support them for at least taking some responsibility.

  If we as consumers don’t show that we’re willing to purchase products that aren’t loaded with sugar, food manufacturers won’t create them and the food industry will continue to pump out products loaded with sugar.

Theresa R.

Well hello, fancy meeting you here! I'm Theresa, a self-proclaimed keto fanatic and the Official Flavor Raver here at Keto Krate! It is my dream and my passion to build people up, help them control their cravings, stay on track and find success on their journey to healthy living! I do this by scouring the earth and finding the tastiest, most convenient keto-friendly snack foods and bringing them to our subscribers. Thank you so much for joining me on this Ketoventure - together we can shift the mindset of big food manufacturers and show them we are unhappy with the sugar-filled status quo!

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  1. I have been a subscriber for only two months. I love the keto lifestyle. Quitting sugar was pretty difficult (I am a recovered alcoholic, so trust me when I say, quitting sugar was tougher than quitting alcohol). I really appreciate your company for helping me to find and sample Keto friendly snacks. Keep up the good work.

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