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Pala Meat Snacks – Original Biltong

Pala Meat Snacks – Original Biltong

Pala Meat Snacks – Original Biltong  



2.5g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

Biltong is still rather new in North America and many people haven’t heard of it. Ask someone about it, and you’ll often get raised eyebrows and an incredulous “bull tongue?” Those who have heard of it will tell you it’s South African style beef jerky.

Biltong, as we know it today, was created through necessity. When Dutch settlers made their way into Africa they needed to preserve the meat they hunted. Biltong is a Dutch word that literally translates into “strip of meat” and they used the only readily available resource they had to preserve it – air!  The unique flavors of traditional biltong are the result of South Africa’s cultural diversity. French vineyards supplied the vinegar used to brine the meat, while maritime trade routes brought spices from the East.  

When Warren Pala immigrated from South Africa in 2001 he missed the authentic flavors of biltong so much he set out to make his own. Outfitting a kitchen cupboard with bent coat hangers as hooks for the meat and a fan to circulate the air, the original set up was admittedly humble. Pala would serve his cupboard-made biltong to family and friends during dinner parties. His American guests were so impressed with the unique style and flavor of his South African charcuterie it gave him the idea there could be a market for biltong in his new country. 

Despite pressure to use the common “jerky” method of utilizing heat and sugar to create the biltong, he held true to the ‘old world’ methods of seasoning and air drying the meat. Pala’s Original Biltong is brined in vinegar, salted and seasoned with coriander and black pepper.  The result is an authentic biltong with a nice, dry exterior, soft, chewy interior, and a naturally meaty flavor profile. 

Find Pala Meat Snacks wildly delicious biltong here and try their 5 different flavors!  

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