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Pique Tea – Crystalized Loose Leaf Tea

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Pique Tea – Crystalized Loose Leaf Tea

        Crystalized Loose Leaf Tea     www.PiqueTea.com


0g fat/Serving

0 carbs/Serving

For 5,000 years, loose leaf tea has been an essential part of the Eastern health regimen. It tastes better, and each sip delivers potent antioxidants that fight against free radicals in the body. Unfortunately, not everyone has time to brew loose leaf tea and experience its health benefits. Pique Tea has made loose leaf tea convenient and accessible and it mixes in either hot or cold liquid. Simply tear, mix, drink and enjoy!
Pique Tea has also partnered with Dr. Jason Fung (World Expert in Intermittent Fasting) and has come up with a unique tea blend that supports appetite suppression and fasting! That is so exciting!

 We’ve personally found Pique Tea very useful while fasting (both intermittently, and for longer fasts) It’s nice to have something flavored while still reducing insulin levels and keeping hunger at bay – and on a hot day, a sachet of Pique Tea in a cold water bottle does wonders to quench thirst!

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As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.

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