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Roam Sticks – Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon

Roam Sticks – Hickory Smoked Pork with Uncured Bacon

Roam Sticks – Hickory Smoked Pork With Uncured Bacon 


Quality is never an accident and you know it when you see/taste it. It is the result of intention, genuine effort, intelligent direction, passion, and skillful execution. It means making the right choices even when you are offered cheaper, easier alternatives. Jon and Holly Arbuckle, the founding farmers of Roams Sticks, were compelled to create a high quality, great tasting product that was altogether ethical, sustainable, and good for you too!

It all starts with the meat. Instead of using mass-produced conventional pork which produces a lot of food on the dollar (but costs your health) the Arbuckles focused on sustainably nurturing healthy, pasture raised pigs that are free from any growth stimulants (like Ractopamine), hormones, and antibiotics. The payoff for the amount of effort that goes into growing free foraging, healthy piggies is a higher standard of meat, in both taste and nutritional composition. 

Once harvested, the pork is naturally fermented (using traditional practices) and then smoked using real hickory wood at an artisan smokehouse.  The result is a big, bite-able, bacony, meat stick that has just hint of tang from the natural fermentation process. The rich, smoky taste of hickory and bacon plus the quick grab and go convenience makes it easy to snack wherever you roam! 


7g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving.

     Read about the Arbuckles and their happy, healthy piggies here!

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.
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