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Sweetwood Bully Bar – Jalapeno Beef

Sweetwood Bully Bar – Jalapeno Beef

Sweetwood Bully Bar – Jalapeno Beef


Sweetwood Smokehouse started out as small family cattle ranch nestled on the wild banks of the Elk River surrounded by sky touching mountains, lush meadows, and abundant forests. Drawing inspiration from the surrounding wilderness Sweetwood grabbed their sense of adventure and created a full range of slow-smoked, all-natural meat snacks that are now sold all over the country! And let me tell you these are no ordinary meat sticks, these are Bully Bars! They are big, bold and beautiful.

They are made of real hickory smoked beef and just enough fresh jalapenos to give em’ a little kick without leaving a five-alarm fire burning in your mouth! Sweetwood’s Jalapeno Beef Bully Bars are thick, flavorful, and filling. Biting into a Bully Bar is a teeth sinking experience followed by a long tender chew that draws out the superior flavors of USA premium grass-fed beef and homegrown American hickory smoke. They are an excellent choice for fueling your busy life. Keep them in your bag, pocket or backpack for a quick convenient boost of energy.


6g fat/serving

1g net carbs/serving.

     Find Sweetwood’s full range of all natural, slowly-smoked meat snacks here!

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.
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