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The Easiest Diet in the World

The Easiest Diet in the World

Classic Dieting Is Hard. 

Eating fewer calories seems to require super human will.  Always balancing on the edge of temptation and craving. 

At any moment one misstep could cause you to fall off of that cliff, into the sea of guilt and binge.

Logically, you know you don’t really want that chocolate bar. 

So why are you damn near vibrating, foaming at the mouth, lusting for your dark master, the coco bean?

It’s because you’re human.  We’re all animals.  Slaves to the instincts and cravings of our primitive brains.  Slaves to the demands of our basic desires.

The problem with dieting is that you’re in a 24/7 battle against yourself.  A tug of war.

Amazingly, the Keto diet seems to turn all of this off.

It’s the only diet with a short term, tangible destination — Ketosis—a state you achieve and maintain.

Because ketosis is a state most people achieve within mere days of starting the diet, there is a short term, tangible motivation to avoid craving.

It’s like an extra shot of willpower, a psychological weapon against craving.  It feels like the Keto diet turns off the primitive brain.

Once ketosis is achieved, you have motivation to maintain it.

On a classic diet based on calorie restriction you could talk yourself into having a piece of chocolate. 

After all that piece of chocolate won’t totally ruin your diet.

“I’ll just have a little less food at supper time” you tell yourself.

But then you talk yourself into having half a bag of chips.  And how about a touch of soda to wash them down?

Then the guilt sets in… and before you know it you have talked your way through the whole pantry.  You fell off the cliff into the sea of binge.

How Keto Diet Is Different?

The Keto diet pulls you off the edge of the cliff.  Miles away from the sea of binge.

You know that piece of chocolate could take you out of ketosis and it took you days or weeks to get there so you don’t want to blow it.  The desire for little cheats throughout the day is gone along with the inevitable guilt and binge that often follows.

This is the secret to the power of the Keto diet. 

It’s the only diet that is a physiological state to achieve and maintain. 

It’s why millions of people swear by it.  Dieting is damn hard but the Keto diet is the only diet I know of that has a psychological weapon built right into it. 

And it gets easier…

By my count I’ve tried over 10 different diets.


They all start the same.

Excitement over what could be; writing down diet plans and goals; day dreaming about my inevitable washboard abs.

With other diets though, they seemed to become more difficult as time progressed.  Battling cravings all day long is tiring ya know?

Plus, celery kind of sucks when you can’t load it up with a bunch of cheese or peanut butter.

Inevitably I would get to a point in each diet where I was mentally checked out.  I knew I wasn’t going to make it.

I might have gone on to battle through the diet for a couple more days or weeks but I felt failure was inevitable.

But here again, the Keto diet is different…

Many Keto’ers report that the diet actually becomes easier over time. 

Why is this?

Thanks to the standard American diet and the prevalence of sugar in western society today, the majority of overweight or obese people are addicted to sugar. Essentially, many who are trying to lose weight are taking on a battle with their addictions.

Most health practitioners agree that except in extreme cases, quitting cold turkey is the best way to battle addictions.

The best way to stop smoking is to stop smoking.  The best way to stop drinking is to stop drinking.  The best way to stop eating sugar is to stop eating sugar – and that’s what the Keto diet is.

When you start a Keto diet you are effectively quitting sugar, cold turkeyMost other diets only advise to limit sugar.

“You can still have it but try to limit it, ok?” 

That’s like saying to an alcoholic “Have a couple shots of whiskey today, but no more, ok?”

When you’re constantly in contact with sugar throughout the day, inevitably you are going to crack.

Keto says no.  Don’t even get close.  Stay away from it entirely.  Quit cold turkey.

And it works.   It works really well.  The first few days might be tough but eventually the addiction weakens and the cravings subside.


Once you’re burning fat instead of sugar you can go hours without even so much as thinking about food.  Talk about a release.

It’s around this point that many Keto’ers really start to fall in love with the diet.  Once the clutches of addiction start to release their hold, a new sense of calmness and happiness flows over the body and mind.

You crave less and the anxiety that accompanies cravings is subdued.  Your mind is free to think rather than crave.  You feel clear.  Full of energy.

You Know What Makes This Diet Even Easier?

Another thing that makes the Keto diet so easy is the diet itself.  The food you get to eat.  No wait, not ‘get to eat’, the food you are SUPPOSED to eat!

To an outsider looking in, the Keto diet looks like suicide.  “You’re eating what for breakfast?… 6 strips of bacon with a full fat whipped cream breakfast smoothie?  And you put butter in your coffee?”

Why does this sound so crazy?

The reason it sounds crazy is because the large majority of us have been lied to by researchers and the media.  Decades ago research was done that claimed to link high fat diets to obesity and heart problems.

Those clams have since been debunked (check this out) but much too late.  The media took hold.  The lie gained so much velocity and momentum that it became part of the education system and is now deeply entrenched in the minds of society.

Everyone knows fat is bad right? Wrong.

It will take decades to reverse this propaganda and it’s a battle we are proud to be a part of.

Anyways, where was I?  Oh right, bacon.

Do You Know What Is The Best Thing About Keto Diet?

One of my favorite things about the Keto diet is the FOOD.  We’re not talking rice crackers and celery here.  We’re talking real food.

If you haven’t tried Keto yet or are just starting, you will be blown away by what you can eat while feeling great and watching the fat melt off your body.

Cheese, red meat, bacon, butter, all things you previously believed to be dangerous to your health are actually vital and recommended.

I’m not saying you jam your food hole full of bacon and butter all day… vegetables are recommended too.  But go ahead and cover that broccoli with butter.  Or drizzle some cheese sauce over that cauliflower.

Results Boost Motivation

Could this diet get even easier? 


Humans need motivation to stick to something.

 If you are on a diet and getting poor results you may lose the motivation needed to stick to that diet.

If I told you that you could lose 10 pounds in a year, how excited would you be about that?  What if I told you that you could do it in a month?

I’ve seen hundreds of cases of people losing weight quickly on a Keto diet.

If you want to see it for yourself head over to Reddit and check out the /r/keto sub-reddit. 

Filter the posts for top of all time to see people dropping 10, 20, 50 or even hundreds of pounds.  Then take a look at the time frames involved. Wo.

I don’t know about you, but when I jump on the scale and realize I’ve lost 3 lbs in a week, I get pretty damn excited.  When I realize my clothes fit better than ever before and I just feel comfortable in my skin, I smile. 

These results give me that extra motivation to stick to my Keto lifestyle.

…and that’s what it is now, a lifestyle.  It’s not a diet anymore…it’s way too easy to be called that.

Theresa R.

Well hello, fancy meeting you here! I'm Theresa, a self-proclaimed keto fanatic and the Official Flavor Raver here at Keto Krate! It is my dream and my passion to build people up, help them control their cravings, stay on track and find success on their journey to healthy living! I do this by scouring the earth and finding the tastiest, most convenient keto-friendly snack foods and bringing them to our subscribers. Thank you so much for joining me on this Ketoventure - together we can shift the mindset of big food manufacturers and show them we are unhappy with the sugar-filled status quo!

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  1. I’m new to ketodiet, and it feels really, really weird eating so much fat, but I love it. Even after a few days on it, I’ve already lost weight. (I was eating Paleo for years before this, so it was easy to change what was needed.) I need to get it in my head that it’s OK to eat what I’m supposed to eat on this diet. 51 years of being told otherwise is not easy to overcome.

    1. Post
  2. I’ve been on Keto for 5 months and yes, it is EASY, EASY, EASY. I’ve almost completely reversed my Type II diabetes, I’ve lost 50lbs, and I feel so good in my own skin that I feel like a new person. I’m almost 55 years old and my birthday will mark exactly 6 months on Keto. By my birthday, I will have lost 55 lbs in my 55th year, putting me at a weight that is lower than I was when I was 25. And I’m healthier than I was then too!

    1. Awesome Beth! I’m 1.5 months into it and down from 233 to 208. I’ve already sketched out the next 4 months when I will reach my goal weight of around 160ish. I plan on celebrating my 60th birthday with a great big slab of ribs, a side of bacon and chicken fried in coconut oil.

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