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The New Primal – BBQ Pork Meat Stick

The New Primal – BBQ Pork Meat Stick

The New Primal – BBQ Pork Meat Stick    



7g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

Jason Burke, founder of The New Primal was overweight, tired, and unhappy when he made the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle (sound familiar?). He upped his activity level by joining a cross-fit gym and began eating a paleo diet. Unsurprisingly, Jason grew tired of the same old snacks day in and day out and longed for more variety.  In a perfect world, jerkies and meat sticks would be a no-brainer when it came to keto/paleo snacking but as he quickly noticed, the options were limited. Every brand he came across was filled with the additives, fillers and garbage ingredients that made him feel poorly in the first place. So, like many Keto/Paleo dieters, Jason took it upon himself to start making his own from scratch. Meat snacks he could trust to be clean, grass-fed and natural. Thus, The New Primal was born. 

We love stories like this because they are relatable and now there is one less product you have to make from scratch yourself. The New Primal’s BBQ Pork meat sticks are smokey, peppery, robust barbecue on the go and so satisfying you won’t even need the side dishes!  

Fuel your health and shop The New Primal!    

As always, thank you for supporting companies who use sugar responsibly.
The New Primal’s BBQ Pork Meat Stick was featured in our December 2017 KetoKrate.  If you’d like to receive a new selection of Keto friendly snacks to your doorstep each month–Sign-up for Keto Krate

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