Come be weird and keto with us in Austin, TX.

Illustrator/Graphic Designer

Keto Krate is a small company empowering keto dieter’s to stick to their keto diet through knowledge, variety, inspiration and fun. We do this through a monthly delivery of keto snacks, fostering a community and attempting to be helpful and entertaining to keto’ers in any way we can.

Our mission is to to help liberate individuals and marketplaces from their dependence on refined carbohydrates.

The keto diet works, it’s spreading like wildfire and it’s changing lives. We’re pumped to be keto’ers and are looking for more keto’ers to join our team!

Mission for this role

Everyone at Keto Krate recognizes that beautiful, emotionally driven design is a cornerstone of successful modern businesses.  This role is all about owning and taking pride in the creativity needed to take Keto Krate to the next level. You’ll be responsible for maintaining visual brand consistency across all touchpoints. Given the modest size of our team, you will be the go to person for all visual/creative design related questions, tasks and projects. You won’t just be told what to design, we want you to be in integral part of coming up with new creative ideas.  At the end of the day our goal is to tell stories, educate, entertain, and inspire through beautiful design–and we want you to be at the visual heart of that.


  • To have an intimate understanding of our brand within a few weeks of joining the team
  • To use your understanding of our brand to help maintain brand consistency across all visual touchpoints
  • Using imagery to help bring our brand and stories to life
  • Helping the team take creative ideas from concept to reality
  • To be a trusted voice in the room on all design related decisions
  • Producing key design deliverables on a defined schedule–either by your own hand or by managing contractors.

Questions you may hear on the job

  • “Hey {}, is the insert ready to be sent for printing?”
  • “What do you think the hero image on our website should be? What primary colors should be involved?”
  • “Hey {}, Theresa has this silly idea for a comic involving Hansel and Gretel eating keto snacks, can you put this together? I don’t care if they’re stick figures, you’ll get better!”
  • “{}, did you eat all of the Chocoperfection bars?”


  • A strong portfolio and a passion to be part of our team!


  • A desire to be part of a modest, entrepreneurial team who wants to move fast! If you’re a person who’d prefer to get lost in the shuffle of a big company, this isn’t the right job for you. We want you to be an indispensable part of the team and someone we look to for advice regarding any and all design related elements of Keto Krate.
  • Adobe Suite or your preferred equivalents
  • A strong eye for typographic design. Poorly chosen or matched fonts make us lose our appetite (even for keto snacks!).
  • Illustration experience would be a huge bonus. We want to inject fun and entertainment into our product and brand and intend to do that through illustrative storytelling.
  • A passion for Keto is a HUGE bonus!

What the selection process looks like

  • 20-30 minute introductory phone call
  • 90-120 minute in person off site interview to get to know more about each other
  • On site meeting at Keto Krate HQ’s to learn more about our team and culture to see how well we fit together
  • Reference check
  • Final decision

How to apply

  • Click on the big blue button below!

This position is a full-time, salaried position. It is located on-site at our office in Austin, TX. We offer health insurance, fun team building events, and a kitchen stocked full of keto friendly snacks. Relocation expenses can be offered to the right candidate.

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