Come be weird and keto with us in Austin, TX.

Krate Curator (Supplier Marketing
and Sales)

Keto Krate is a small company empowering keto dieter’s to stick to their keto diet through knowledge, variety, inspiration and fun. We do this through a monthly delivery of keto snacks, fostering a community and attempting to be helpful and entertaining to keto’ers in any way we can.

Our mission is to to help liberate individuals and marketplaces from their dependence on refined carbohydrates.

The keto diet works, it’s spreading like wildfire and it’s changing lives. We’re pumped to be keto’ers and are looking for more keto’ers to join our team!

Mission for this role

The ruthless, take no prisoners mission for this role is to discover and convince keto snack companies to feature their product in Keto Krate–and to get them to do so at as little cost to us as possible.  

The reality of it though is that at Keto Krate we believe in win-win relationships.  We believe in companies producing keto friendly snacks, we want to see them succeed, and we believe that they have a LOT to gain by being featured in Keto Krate.  Selling is a difficult game, especially if you don’t believe in what you’re selling. Fortunately, at Keto Krate we 100% believe in the value we offer.

Your actual, wholesome mission is to secure partnerships with keto snack companies at the lowest cost that is fair to them. To understand what our suppliers goals are, and to understand our value so intimately that explaining it is like riding a bike.  We know deep down, that 99% of our suppliers will gain by working with us, but sometimes, all they see and hear is another salesman, trying to con them out of their money.

At the end of the day, business, and especially sales and this role, is all about relationships.  Your mission is to form honest relationships with our suppliers and to prove to them that Keto Krate is worth it.

In addition to your sales duties, your role is to be a keto snack connoisseur. To take pride in discovering and featuring the tastiest, most exciting keto snack experience you can for our subscribers.  You’re the keto snack experience artist, and your canvas is Keto Krate.


  • To use data in order to understand which keto snacks our members enjoy the most, and to feature them at the optimal rate.
  • To bring our subscriber churn down to 13% by providing the best snack experience possible.
  • To understand our suppliers goals, needs, and objections.  To aid this outcome, an understanding of the food/snack industry would be a prerequisite.
  • To understand the value we offer suppliers, inside and out.
  • Find new leads through attending trade shows, and other market research.
  • Nurture leads and past clients, taking them from prospects to sale–Making sure that we hit our monthly product feature targets.
  • Build an effective sales funnel (understanding drop off points, conversion, etc)
  • Effectively and efficiently hand off sold suppliers to operations department.
  • Reduce average COGS by 15% within 12 months and a further 10% within the following 12 months.
  • Implement systems, documentation necessary to make your role more efficient.

Questions you may hear on the job

  • “Hey {}, what’s the total cost of the products featured in June? Can we secure one more product at $1/unit?”
  • “Why do you think that company won’t work with us?”
  • “What can we do to get more people responding to our intro email?”
  • “What was the best reviewed product in August?”
  • “Why are people not getting back to us after this step?”


  • 1+ years sales experience


  • A desire to be part of a modest, entrepreneurial team who wants to move fast! If you’re a person who’d prefer to get lost in the shuffle of a big company, this isn’t the right job for you. We want you to be an indispensable part of the team and someone we look to for advice and strategy with regards to our supplier relationships and bringing down our COGS.
  • Passion for sales.  Sales is a game and you love it.
  • Ability to collect and use data to make more informed decisions about which products to feature again.
  • Strong telephone and email communication skills.
  • Empathy. Understanding our suppliers needs and objections.
  • People person. You should love talking to people a lot because this is a major part of this role.
  • Copywriting and digital marketing skills would be a bonus. You may choose to automate some elements of this role if it will aid you in bringing down COGS while maintaining our relationships. Using written word and digital marketing techniques could aid this.
  • An understanding of the subscription box space is a bonus.
  • An understanding of the food/snack industry is a bonus.
  • A passion for Keto is a HUGE bonus!

What the selection process looks like

  • 20-30 minute introductory phone call
  • 90-120 minute in person off site interview to get to know more about each other
  • On site meeting at Keto Krate HQ’s to learn more about our team and culture to see how well we fit together
  • Reference check
  • Final decision

How to apply

  • Click on the big blue button below!

This position is a full-time, salaried position. It is located on-site at our office in Austin, TX. We offer health insurance, fun team building events, and a kitchen stocked full of keto friendly snacks. Relocation expenses can be offered to the right candidate.

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