Pork Belly Bites Wild Bill's

Take just one bite of these Wild Bill’s Pork Belly Bites and you’ll think you were transported to your favorite BBQ joint! Bacon fans will love the perfect blend of seasoning and smokiness in these burnt ends, all packed into an on-the-go bag that’s ready to tackle the toughest cravings. These pork belly bites are the perfect snack to keep you squealing with delight all day long!

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Salted Caramel Flavored Syrup NuNaturals

NuNaturals syrup is an old favorite at the KetoKrate office, and we’re excited to feature their newest flavor — salted caramel! Warren and Paula, along with their son Jake, are the heart of the NuNaturals products. They believe that the path to wellness starts with the food we consume. And with their sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and organic stevia sweetened syrup, you can skip the guilt and feel good about adding some sweetness to your life! Pour this syrup into coffee, shakes, or use it to top Keto ice cream or yogurt. The possibilities are endless (and delicious!)

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Somewhat Spicy Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds SuperSeedz

Pumpkin seeds are a classic Keto snack, but SuperSeedz decided to spice them up a little! These Somewhat Spicy pumpkin seeds are the perfect option to throw in your bag for a snack when you’re on the go, or to toss in a salad for some extra crunch and flavor. With just a little kick of spice, they’ll keep your belly full and your tastebuds dancing! And with a healthy dose of protein, fat, magnesium, zinc, and iron these SuperSeedz pack quite a punch!

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Expiry: Dec 3, 2020

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Blueberry Nut Protein Bar JiMMYBAR!

If you love blueberries like we do, then just wait until you try this JiMMYBAR! blueberry nut protein bar! Bursting with blueberry flavor, this chewy bar is the perfect way to start your day or to use as an afternoon pick me up. JiMMYBAR launched back in 2014 with a mission — to create “bars with benefits,” which means high protein, low sugar bars with functional ingredients; like immune boosting fruit and Keto friendly nuts. This blueberry nut JiMMYBAR! will leave you feeling anything but blue!

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Original Grass Fed Beef Stick Think Jerky

Us Keto’ers know that beef jerky loaded with sugar is an all too common tragedy. But if you think this Think Jerky beef stick is filled with the sweet stuff, think again! Founder Ricky Hirsch set out to make jerky that is not only delicious, but also healthy! Think Jerky has partnered with some of the world’s best chefs to make jerky that’s filled with the healthiest ingredients and no sugar. And we know you’ll taste the difference when you take your first bite! Think Jerky takes jerky from a gas station snack to health food!

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Macadamia with Sea Salt Nut Butter FBOMB

If you love nut butter, get ready for a treat! FBOMB Macadamia with Sea Salt Nut Butter is filled with all natural ingredients and tastes amazing. FBOMB co-founders, husband and wife Ross and Kara, saw there was a need for a healthy on-the-go fat option to give you energy to fuel your day. So they created a line of high quality FBOMB products — the “F” stands for fat! With just two ingredients and one net carb, this macadamia nut butter packet is the perfect option to keep you going on a busy day. Knead it, tear it, and devour!

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Expiry: Dec 5th, 2020

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Flock Original Chicken Chips The Naked Market

Move over, pork rinds. There’s a new crunchy snack in town! Flock Foods is changing the Keto savory snack game with their crispy chicken chips. Made with 100% premium chicken skins and salt, this snack will make you forget your old friend the potato chip! These chicken chips are sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free. Use them to add some crunch to your salads, to round out a Keto charcuterie board, or eat them straight out of the bag (no judgement here!)

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Expiry: Dec 3rd, 2020

Brick Oven Pizza Crunchy Cheese Crisps Bunker Hill Cheese

Bunker Hill Cheese was established back in 1935, so they know their stuff! They take their small batch handcrafted cheese and turn it into these perfect little crisps that really hit the spot when you’re craving a crunchy snack. Made from 100% natural cheese, these are the perfect chip or cracker replacement. And if you’re missing pizza, just wait till you get a burst of pizza flavor in your first crunch! Pop them straight from the package, crush them up for a meat breading or vegetable topping, or pair with some pepperoni for the ultimate pizza snack!

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Expiry: May 30th, 2021

Raspberry Cream Smartcake Smart Baking Company

We’re pretty sure Smart Baking Company is working with some kind of magic in their kitchen because you will never believe these decadent little cakes are Keto friendly and zero net carb! Gluten free and sugar free, these moist little cakes are the answer to your Keto dreams. Eat them plain, top with butter for a muffin replacement, or add a dollop of whipped cream for the perfect after dinner dessert. Any way you eat these cakes, you’ll be in Keto heaven! 

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Expiry: Dec 3rd, 2021

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Success Story:

Kay's Keto Journey

Kay first started her Keto journey back in 2014 and recommitted again in 2018. Since then, she has lost over 150 pounds! If that doesn’t inspire you, we don’t know what will! Check her out on social for the motivation, and stay for all of the gorgeous Keto food pics she shares. Kay has everything you need to get you eating great and looking even better! Follow her on Facebook and Instagram @ketokalamazoo, or visit her website at www.ketokalamazoo.com

I started having weight problems around 12 years old. Throughout the years, I’d tried neary every diet and acquired a handful of eating disorders, but nothing worked. I first tried Keto in 2014, found success, and was on and off it for a few years. In 2016, I joined a competition at a local gym where I was advised to add carbs back into my diet. I went off Keto and my weight skyrocketed. I wasn’t eating “a lot,” but I wasn’t eating the right combination of foods. I gained 90lbs in 6 months; 120 total that year. 

I never in my life thought I would hit 300lbs, let alone 400lbs. In my head I honestly thought my weight would hit a ceiling. I never dreamed it was possible to gain so much with the food I was eating. I didn’t always eat the healthiest diet, but I couldn’t understand how I gained weight when my granola bars were made with honey, my juices were 100% instead of filled with corn syrup, and I ate my hummus with pretzels. No matter how little I ate or how “healthy,” I was unable to successfully lose until I cut carbs. In 2018, at over 400lbs, I knew low-carb was the only way I would get the weight off. I went back to Keto and this time around, I supplemented coaching support to help me stay on track. And as a psychologist and coach myself, I now use my knowledge and experience to coach and help others!

I start my day with a collagen shake to help my joints, and to help ward off loose skin from my extreme weight loss. For the rest of the day, I keep it simple. Meats, eggs, fats, & cheese across 1-2 meals. After my last meal I’ll have a snack-type treat. Fortunately, there are so many snack options available these days. I can have the best of both worlds — delicious food and a slimmer version of me. 

I stay motivated because at 400+lbs, I felt hopeless and frustrated. I do not wish to return. The benefits of Keto have been astounding. In addition to weight loss, an additional benefit is freedom from the pain associated with my autoimmune disease. I’m now off my rheumatoid arthritis medications thanks to ditching carbs!

My advice to others getting started on Keto is to stay hydrated and make sure you’re salting food to keep electrolytes balanced. Also, NEVER STOP TRYING!

Follow Kay @ketokalamzoo on Instagram!

If you want to share your success and inspire others, email us at Emily@KetoKrate.com

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