Tasty Original Meat Stick Mission Meats

Mission Meats is on a mission to change the world through delicious savory snacking and social responsibility initiatives. They donate 10% of their profits to organizations that help make the world a better place. By eating Mission Meats snacks, you are transforming the lives of homeless mothers and children though Perspectives Minnesota, fighting deforestation in Haiti, and helping create leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa. Who knew a simple grass-fed beef stick could do so much good?

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Strawberries and Cream Protein Crisps Shrewd Food

Shrewd Food never disappoints. We’ve been wowed by their savory flavors in the past, and now they’ve introduced sweet ones to the mix! Who knew that protein crisps could be the next dessert? They’re sweet and crunchy and are made with real strawberries and real cream. After you’ve licked your fingers clean, check out their other options. There’s a flavor for everyone — from your picky kid to your sweet-toothed grandpa to your Nacho-loving sister!

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Yellow Cake Protein Bar ChocoRite

ChocoRite Yellow Cake Protein Bars are chewy, delicious bars that taste like yellow cake-flavored dough with white chocolate chunks scattered throughout. These delightful dessert bars are the perfect pick-me-up when you’re craving a sweet treat. For a softer bar, pop it into the microwave for 10 seconds at a time until desired softness is achieved.

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Cardamom Chai Bar Dang Foods

Dang Foods Cardamom Chai Bars are the latest edition to their awesome lineup of Keto-friendly snack bars. The blend of sweet, warm, fragrant spices are inviting like a classic chai tea latte — without the dairy and carbs. For sweetness and spice and everything nice, try a Dang Foods Cardamom Chai Bar. We think you’ll like it a-latte!

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Original Beef Stick CHOMPS

Chomps’ Original Beef is not the kind of meat stick you’d grab at a gas station (whew!) Grass-fed and free from gluten, sugar and MSG, Chomps’ Original Beef sticks are great for your body and on-the-go – whether you’re at work, on a hike, or anywhere when the hunger pangs take vengeance and attack! Packed with Keto-friendly ingredients, Chomps sticks do not disappoint. And they double as a dad-approved holiday gift!

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Chocolate Almond Brownie Keto Brownies

Over at Keto Krate HQ, we get MIGHTY giddy whenever a reformulation happens. That means a company is working hard to integrate customer feedback into their already-delicious products to make them even BETTER. KetoBrownie worked at their reformulation for months and launched their new product that has 100% pure C8 MCT Powder, double the sugar-free chocolate chips, a different fiber source, increased monk fruit sweetener, and more fat content. Sold yet?! Indulge in their reformulated, sweet, chewy Chocolate Almond Brownie ASAP!

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Success Story: Allie's Keto Journey

Allie B will give you a serious BOOST in inspiration + confidence. Even though Allie’s a teacher and wife, she doesn’t let her busy schedule get in the way of her health. As a bonus, she shares TONS of tips with her followers at @alliedoesketo — from Keto-friendly meals, snacks, and desserts to grocery store hauls and workout inspiration. Allie started Keto on May 7, 2018 and has lost 80 lbs while becoming a key inspiration in the Keto space! Read on for some mega motivation:

I struggled with my weight in elementary school. One of my teachers even called me “big girl.” That is my first memory of weight and my issue with weight. I thinned out in middle school and high school because I was playing competitive soccer, but I had to stop because of a knee injury and began rapidly gaining weight during college. I was eating whatever I wanted and was really struggling with emotional and binge eating. I ended up gaining about 90ish pounds and began having health issues.

At this time, I was honestly so tired of feeling ashamed, embarrassed, and alone. I was about 245 pounds, but I had stopped weighing myself because I couldn’t bear to see the scale go any higher. I hated the way I looked and knew that if I didn’t change my eating habits, I would have many health issues as I got older.

I tried the meat and veggie diet, Weight Watchers, and many more extreme methods. None of it stuck until I found Keto. For me, Keto is the only sustainable lifestyle that I actually enjoy. I’ve found alternatives for almost everything I crave and I have more energy than I did in high school!

I started with eliminating high carb foods such as sugars, breads, and chips. I knew that tracking wouldn’t work for me, so I decided to just mentally track net carbs. I did lots and lots of research until I finally set a date and just started. I didn’t know everything but I was determined!

Today, I intermittent fast everyday for at least 16 hours and then I will usually have lunch, a snack, and then dinner. I also always start my day with coffee and collagen. I stay inspired by my results and the way I feel. Side by side pictures are a HUGE motivator for me. My goals for the future include maintaining my Keto lifestyle and feeling and being the best I can.

My advice for someone who’s just starting out?  You don’t have to know everything to be successful, find what works for YOU, keep it simple, and keep it consistent.

Keep the inspiration going and follow Allie on Instagram @alliedoesketo 

If you want to share your success and inspire others, shoot us an email at Kayla@KetoKrate.com

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