Cinnamon Smartcake Smart Baking Company

If you miss bakery pastries, we have a delightful solution! Smart Baking Company’s Smartcakes are unbelievably tasty, moist, and satisfying. Their Cinnamon Smartcakes kick a gluten-and-sugar-laden cinnamon bun right in the buns! Baked with ingredients like purified water, protein, olive oil and flax, Smartcakes are jam-packed with healthy goodness and are sure to cater to your sweet tooth. And while there are two in a pack, we’ll look the other way if you keep them for you + you.

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Lemon Blueberry IQ Bars

IQ BARs are going to be your brain’s best friend. Founded by Will Nitze who became interested in the human brain as a Harvard undergrad, IQ BARs includes 6 brain nutrients that support cognitive energy + performance + health. To bolster each bar’s brain power, their products are free from inflammatory gluten, dairy and soy. With 7 flavors to try, we were super eager to taste their Lemon Blueberry Bar — a unique flavor combo in the Keto world. We know you’ll LOVE the sweet tartness as much as we do!

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Caramel and Sea Salt FattBar

Move over protein —that-are-usually-actually-sugar-and-preservative-ridden-but-trying-to-be-healthy— bars! FattBar is here with flavor, fat and minimal carbs. First created in the kitchen, FattBar’s evolved into offering a range of scrumptious flavors. Their Caramel Sea Salt bar is rich and buttery, plus it’s loaded with nuts and free from sweeteners. After this tastebud-pleasing indulgence, check out their other flavors and load up on those heart-healthy fats!

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Expiry: November 3rd, 2019

Lemonade + Raspberry Ultima Replenisher

First question: How much high school chemistry do you remember? Here’s a quiz — identify the elements that stand for these symbols: Ca, Cl, Mg, P, K and Na. You can double-check your guesses here! Next question: What do these minerals have in common? Answer: They’re the electrolytes found in Ultima Replenisher! Offering a variety of flavors, Ultima has sticks for on-the-go or canisters to utilize at home. They keep you hydrated — and make sure your muscles are functioning optimally — wherever you are!

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Expiry: December 31st, 2019

Chocolate Probiotic Almonds SunBiotics

Sunbiotics Chocolate Probiotic Almonds are generously coated in sweet, raw cacao powder and a potent probiotic blend. Enjoy functional flavor with digestion-enhancing and immunity-boosting benefits. The low temperature drying process preserves nutrients and increases the crunchiness of these deliciously crisp snacks.  Eat your way to good gut health. Your taste buds (and your guts) will thank you!

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Expiry: Nov 1st, 2019

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Success Story: Aaron's Keto Journey

We’re thrilled that Aaron of High Fat High Fun and @a.d.keto was happy to share his success story with fellow Keto Krate subscribers! Following Keto since January 2017, Aaron’s lost 85 pounds and has become a MAJOR source of motivation and inspiration in the Keto community. A proud Dad and husband, he’s motivated to set a good example for his family — and he even inspired his wife to start her own Keto journey! Read on to learn more about Aaron’s story and his tips.

I was a yo-yo dieter for decades. Starting around the time I went to college in the mid-1990s, my weight fluctuated almost annually — between a healthy range (in the 220s or so) up into the 270-280 area. I’m a taller guy (6’3”), so people always told me that I carried weight well, but I never really felt great. I rode that pendulum for decades, and usually, when I felt like I was getting near maximum capacity, I could get back on track a little bit by implementing a calories in / calories out protocol, coupled with exercise. But it was never really sustainable for me. Bad choices always crept back in, and the weight would return.

There was no real ‘last straw’ with me, per se. But at the time I started Keto, my weight was as high as it had ever been (around 280 lbs), and I knew I needed to change something. Honestly, Keto seemed like just another ‘flavor of the month’ diet for me to try. I wasn’t sure that it would work or how sustainable it would be, but I decided to give it a shot. Within 48 hours, I knew it was for me.

I frequented r/keto a lot in the beginning and just tried to soak up as much info as I could. I focused on limiting my carb intake. I didn’t worry too much about calories — I just wanted my body to learn how to use fat as its primary fuel source. I ate a lot of eggs, bacon, and avocados in those first months. When first starting out, I wish that I’d known the importance of electrolytes. I had some pretty painful leg cramps and foggy-headedness for the first week or so, which could have been completely mitigated by taking in more potassium, magnesium, and sodium.

These days, my day doesn’t start until I’ve had my 20-oz. fatty coffee, which almost always includes a tablespoon of butter, some collagen powder, and some creamer from KITU (hazelnut and vanilla are equally delicious). I have a couple of electrolyte drinks (Zipfizz) and another coffee or two through the workday, and then I have some sort of low-carb dinner when I get home (ribeyes cannot be dethroned). I’ve also switched from eating 20g-30g of net carbs per day to taking in only 10g of TOTAL carbs per day, and it’s made a huge difference in how I feel AND in my weight loss. I’m currently at my lowest weight as a human adult.

Keto Krate helps me stay up-to-date with knowing what new products are out there, and it’s also a huge help whenever we travel. Travel snacks are pretty much automatically taken care of.  Having switched to a new protocol focused on total carbs, I eat a lot fewer Keto products these days than I used to, so wifey gets a lion’s share of the contents each month! :D That said, I’m still a big fan of meat sticks. As far as I’m concerned, it’s not really a Keto Krate unless there’s at least ONE meat stick in there. Tomer Kosher and Vermont Smoke & Cure are my current faves.  

Keto changed my life for sure, and I knew that I wanted to help spread the word. I started up a YouTube channel six months after starting this way of eating, and have been gradually growing it since. Eating vlogs, product reviews, and giveaways (including monthly giveaways for Keto Krate!) are staples of my channel. My favorite series of videos includes a weekly check-in with my wife Sara, who started Keto about a year and a half after I did. I want to continue to create content for this community, and maybe even someday make it my full-time gig.

What motivates me most is being a good husband and dad and setting good examples. My wife and I have three teenagers who are NOT keto, but I take comfort knowing that they understand at least a little bit about this way of eating. I feel like it’ll put them ahead of the game should they ever find themselves in need of a change.

My advice? Find support, whether that’s online or in real life. And if you’re just starting out or feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry about being perfect. No one eats perfectly ALL of the time. The fact that you’ve stepped away from the Standard American Diet is a huge victory in and of itself. There’s always time to dial things in and experiment. Find the style of Keto that works for you and that you find sustainable. The rest is (low-carb) gravy.

Keep learning from — and being inspired by — Aaron on YouTube at High Fat High Fun, Instagram at @a.d.keto, and Twitter @AD_Keto

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