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Join Today and get a FREE box of Catalina Crunch Sandwich Cookies with your first KetoKrate!

  • Join today and your KetoKrate will ship out tomorrow!
  • FREE box of Catalina Crunch Sandwich Cookies with your first KetoKrate!
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  • All snacks less than 5g net carbs per serving
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Why Join KetoKrate? 

Cravings Suck!

Cravings, diet boredom, and social pressure are the top three reasons keto'ers fail.

Snacks Rule!

When you join KetoKrate you’ll conquer cravings, beat boredom, and never feel like you’re missing out again!

It’s Fun!

Opening a surprise gift to yourself every month is a fun way to keep you motivated! Plus, the snacks taste really good.

What's Inside

Not every low carb snack makes our cut. We focus on the best tasting, most convenient Keto snacks to power your Keto diet.

How It Works

Join KetoKrate

We’ll send you a new selection of keto snacks each month along with tips, tricks, recipes and motivational content to keep you going!

Get Your First Krate

We’ll ship your first KetoKrate and any bonus offers within 24 hours! Use your snacks throughout the month to relieve cravings and avoid cheating!

Express Yo'selfie!

Join the conversation and stay connected with us through social media. Share your selfies and give us your feedback. We love to meet and connect with our members!

Keto Snack Happiness Guaranteed

We promise you a great snack tasting experience along with a fun keto community to keep you committed to your goals. Taste buds aren’t universal and there is a chance you might not enjoy every snack in KetoKrate. As a snack discovery service we help you find snacks you love and avoid the ones you don’t. If there's any damage, missing items, or something else wrong with your KetoKrate we’ll do everything it takes to make it right. We guarantee it.


Keto is Easier With KetoKrate!

Cheat Less, and Stay Keto Longer With Snacks for Every Craving! Hurry, Your KetoKrate and FREE Cookies Are Waiting.

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"I've loved it since
the start!"

I was one of the first members to join KetoKrate when they launched in 2015. I’ve loved it since the start! Their customer service is excellent and they are always looking to improve the quality and quantity of items in the Krate.

Dawn S.

"Such a money saver!"

KetoKrate is such a money saver! Being able to try many different products without having to buy full cases of them helps me pick and choose what I like without having to buy tons of produt that I don't know if I like yet.

Rachel S.

"I love KetoKrate because..."

I love KetoKrate because trying new snacks is easy and fun, and I don't have to commit to large bulk orders or expensive shipping costs. I also love the coupon codes that are included.

Jessica K.

"The secret to how I keep my snack drawer stocked!"

I tried several subscription boxes before landing on KetoKrate…the company has been amazing.

Kristi D.

"KetoKrate helps me stay up to date"

KetoKrate helps me stay up-to-date with knowing what new products are out there, and it's also a huge help whenever we travel. Travel snacks are pretty much automatically taken care of with KetoKrate!

Aaron R.

“KetoKrate is a lifesaver!"

Hold up. Are you on keto? Are you on this diet? Then you have got to have KetoKrate.

Emily P.

“You save hundreds in the long run.”

Most of these snacks come in packs of 16, 24, 48 – you end up paying hundreds of dollars sometimes just to TRY a bunch of snacks.

Ray W.

KetoKrate Helps You Resist Temptations So You Stay in Ketosis Longer. Being in Ketosis Longer = More Weight Loss! Do it For YOU!

Only $39.99 Per Month + Free Catalina Crunch Cookies!

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Past Krates

Our goal is to jam pack every Krate with as many new great tasting keto-friendly snacks we can. Here are some examples of past Krates that our Krate curation team put together!

June 2023

May 2023

April 2023

March 2023

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