Success Story: Jessica’s Keto Journey

Success Story: Jessica’s Keto Journey

I have always been overweight. I don’t even know what my starting weight was because I refused to get on a scale. I didn’t want to know. The official number I use is 257 lbs. It’s the first weight I logged after committing to a short period of healthier eating habits.   

At 5’ 9-½,” I’m taller than most women. Because I was taller than my peers, I’d been told not to worry too much about the numbers on the standard BMI charts. I was told they didn’t account for different body types and that they were outdated and didn’t really work for someone with my height. Because of this, I struggled to recognize my weight gain for a very long time.

I also struggled with deciding if I wanted to lose weight or accept my body for how it was. Change came when I realized I wasn’t getting “body positive” just by preaching it. My insecurities worsened. I saw myself in photos and hated it. I would use pillows and blankets to cover up my stomach as I sat — even in the Arizona summer heat. People said mean things about my body, and it got harder and harder to shop for clothes.

I decided to lose weight for the first time in 2010. I looked for anything that would give me immediate results. I believed that if I could see the numbers moving quickly, I would be able to stick to it. I started out with pills and shakes. When those didn’t work, I moved onto other ‘quick fix’ methods like HCG drops, B12 injections, and prescription appetite suppressants. Some of these things worked for the short term, but nothing was sustainable for me, and unfortunately, I kept gaining weight back.

I finally accepted these rigorous solutions would only ever last as long as my motivation did, and that was never very long. I needed to be able to adopt a lifestyle that I could do on autopilot. Keto offered me the freedom to be social, eat out, travel, get creative in the kitchen, and still enjoy my favorite flavors.

The first thing I did was cut out cake. That isn’t a joke. I ate a lot of cake. Next, I started figuring out what I could eat, and I found a few amazing recipes that were hearty and filling. Then I focused on my portion sizes, making sure that I was eating the right amounts of food. After a while, I prioritized the quality of foods. I committed to being a learner and striving to constantly get better, and it worked. I’m down 73 lbs.

I don’t track much anymore, but when I did, I got a great visual sense of portion sizes that are right for me. These days, I aim for 3 small meals, and my breakfasts and lunches are a rotation of the same five things. I love to get creative for dinner, and believe it or not … I have dessert almost every night!  For me, calories will also always be an important factor to weight loss. I treat my calories like a budget and try to spend them wisely. I focus on making sure my foods are not only delicious but nutritious!

I plan to stick to this way of eating forever.

I love Keto Krate because trying new snacks is easy and fun, and I don’t have to commit to large bulk orders or expensive shipping costs. I also love the coupon codes that are included. I can reorder my favorites at a discount.

My advice to anyone looking to make a change in their life is to change one habit at a time. We all know we should sleep more, drink water, move your body, eat right, get fiber, get sunlight … but not all at once — and not all tomorrow. Take your time. Commit to your health, and start counting up instead of down! Count how long you have been committed to a healthy lifestyle rather than how long until you lose the weight. This is no surprise … but we can’t control how long it takes!

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