Success Story: Connie’s Keto Journey

Success Story:

Connie’s Keto Journey

Connie started her Keto journey back in March of 2019, and she has been crushing it ever since! After experiencing a medical scare in 2018, she was determined to start taking care of herself and getting healthy. Her hard work and determination paid off and helped her succeed in losing 123 pounds and surpassing her goal weight! You can follow her on Instagram @harlessconstance for tips, food ideas, and tons of inspiration!


Throughout my life, I have always been heavy. But after having two babies, my weight kept increasing. I tried dieting, signed up for dieting programs, and saw dieticians; but nothing worked. I would lose five pounds and then gain it back. My husband is Active Duty Coast Guard, so when he would deploy I would workout, eat healthy, and lose weight. Unfortunately, when he returned I would always gain all the weight back. 


The last straw was in September, 2018, when I developed bilateral pulmonary embolisms in both lungs. The doctors said the cause was related to my weight and unhealthy lifestyle, and that I was lucky to be alive. I decided that evening in the ICU that enough was enough. It was time for me to put myself first for once!







I chose to try Keto because so many people I knew were talking about it and having success. I started by cleaning out my fridge and pantry. I wrote down a list of Keto-friendly food ideas and went shopping. My plan was to stick with high protein, low carb, and low sugar, as well as to increase my water intake. I was determined!


After more than two years on Keto, I have my routine down! I start off my day eating a healthy breakfast; like eggs, greek yogurt, berries, and protein shakes. My lunch and dinner are focused on high protein and low carb. I have a busy life with two active boys (ages 14 and 11), and we are a baseball family, so we’re always on the go! My children motivate me to keep going and stay healthy!


My advice to someone just starting out is to stick with it! Once you get your body into ketosis, everything just falls into place. It also helps to have a plan and keep healthy snacks nearby!


KetoKrate helps me by allowing me to try new items that I would never have known about otherwise. Some Keto snacks are pricey, so this allows me to try before I buy. Plus, it helps me when I have a craving, because instead of eating something unhealthy, I can just grab something from my Krate. I feel like a little kid on Christmas waiting for my Krate to arrive each month!





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