Success Story: Heather’s Keto Journey

Success Story: Heather’s Keto Journey

My relationship with food was fairly stable until I hit puberty, and my legit struggle with weight started my freshman year in college. I wasn’t allowed to gain weight according to the rules of my college dance team (the team I dreamed about as a little girl!) Keep in mind, the extra pounds didn’t affect my technique or abilities. But at 18 years old and five-foot-five, my 140 pound weight put me in the “too fat for the uniform” category.  

My passion for dance abruptly came to an end and my eating disorder began. After all the weigh-ins, criticism, judgement, and misinformation about how the perfect female body was supposed to look, I associated my life’s worth with that number on the scale. I started walking five miles a day, eating very little food, and weighing myself multiple times per day. I got down to 115 pounds and still felt unworthy.

When I got pregnant in 2000, I gave myself license to eat anything and everything, and I ballooned to 240+ pounds. I lost the weight fast (probably too fast), but with baby #2, I gained somewhere around 50 pounds, and by the time #3 came along, I was back up to 230. The depression also came back – along with the familiar feelings of being “less than” because I was too heavy.

I knew I had to do something before I destroyed my body and my family. And the last straw occurred when my son (#3) was diagnosed with autism. At that point, I was faced with two choices: Give up and give in to depression OR regain my health, confidence and courage so I could fight for my son. This is also known as becoming a badass!

I chose to become a badass via Keto because I knew Keto worked and I knew the science behind it. I was a pharmaceutical rep for several years, promoting medication for diabetes, peripheral arterial disease, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. I saw how many times a prescription was favored over first-line treatment (diet and exercise). I’m not a doctor, but I know how the body works and Keto made sense. So I dove into the research, checked my sources, and went all in! Tons of water. No carbs, no sugar, and no processed foods. And no scales (I prefer to go by the way I feel and if my clothes fit).

Back in 2000, there was no Pinterest, and I was not comfortable in the kitchen. I doubted my abilities and never dreamed I’d be creating my own recipes and meal plans (while being 90 lbs lighter)! Oh, and can we talk about snacks? I could have used Keto Krate BIG TIME!

On that note, I know I can trust that Keto Krate only sends high-quality food that’s healthy and low carb, so I don’t have to scrutinize every label. The snacks are amazing, but it’s more than that – there’s motivation, recipes, and info too! My favorites include the Buffalo Blue Wing Almonds, Hillside Pumpkin Seeds & Kale, KNOW Peanut Butter Cookies, Intakt Crunchy Cheese Lover Spicy, and Parm Crisps. I’m working on developing some recipes with quite a few, and I’m excited to see (and taste) them.

My motivation stems from many places! I’m lit up when a reader emails to say that I helped them, or when I get to share info with someone who asks me how they can lose weight. And I get pretty fired up when I think about all of the people suffering from diabetes (my state of MS has the highest diabetic population in the country), as I’d love to help them help themselves by providing more education. Another big motivator is helping women transform their lives. At this time, I’m taking classes to become a Certified Health Coach so I can help people individualize their weight loss/health plan, and I want to write a cookbook and maybe a few more books (I love writing – I majored in English and have a BA degree I’ve never used!)

For someone who’s just starting out on Keto, don’t be intimidated by the information – just start. Don’t wait until after the holidays or XYZ – Just Go For It! No matter what your goal is (health, fitness, or weight loss), you’ve got to have the right mindset along with the right nutrients to get there. Determination is essential!

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