Success Story: Macey’s Keto Journey

Success Story:

Macey’s Keto Journey

Macey found Keto after the carbs she relied on for powerlifting fuel turned against her! Not only has Keto helped her with losing her postpartum weight, but it also contributed to clearing up a host of other symptoms. Macey’s Keto journey is inspiring on its own, but her bright and infectious attitude puts it on a whole ‘nother level! For more inspiration and motivation, make sure to check out her Instagram @ketowithmacey

I’ve tried every diet under the sun and was never successful no matter how hard I tried. I no longer have food “addictions”. I was either addicted to carbs or I was addicted to fruits. Now I’m eating to live and to be satiated and no longer allow my food to control me.

I started keto 1 month post partum while incorporating exogenous ketones into my every day routine. My husband and I made a plan that if we were doing this and together, we were going ALL IN! We invested in exogenous ketones, all the keto foods while doing a complete rehaul of our refrigerator and cupboards, purchased meal prep containers, started a keto accountability group and downloaded some apps. We were ready to rock!

I really wouldn’t do anything differently. I struggled like most do. I experienced the whoosh effect which researching that further only helped me that much more through my journey and helping others through theirs.

I wake up daily, have my fat coffee, then prepare my exogenous ketones, hop on the peloton, I avoid snacking as much as possible and eat 3 small meals per day! I also do my best to get water and electrolytes in! That’s my biggest struggle.






Successful people motivate me and seeing them share their stories and journeys, it gives me so much hope and belief that if they can be successful, I can! I also love cheering other people on along their journey and to help encourage them along.

My keto goal for the future is to do more live keto cooking in my keto group and to experiment more with keto dishes. The air fryer basically does all the cooking so I’d like to give cooking another shot.





Keto Krate has given me so much insight into so many incredible products! I personally am obsessed with any granola/peanut butter or chocolate bar I get sent! I’m like a kid in a candy store when I get a keto chocolate bar! I should probably also mention to be mindful or portions! Just because it’s keto doesn’t mean there isn’t a portion size to consider.

I would recommend anyone new to keto starting out to invest in this box as it’s so fun to try out different products before investing in a full case etc.

Stay the course and don’t quit— because quitting never sped up the process and what’s even harder than quitting is starting again. Just keep going!

My advice to someone who is just starting out is to take lots of progress photos because even if the scale isn’t changing, you might be! Join the community to keep yourself accountable or make friends. And don’t be too hard on yourself: remember you didn’t gain a lot of weight overnight, so you won’t lose it overnight either.

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