Success Story: Matt’s Keto Journey

Success Story:

Matt’s Keto Journey

Matt has been on his Keto journey for over a year and a half and he is totally killing it! He’s not only lost over 60 pounds, but he’s also seen a huge change in his overall health. Plus, he’s found a purpose in spreading motivation, education, and inspiration to others looking to find Keto success! Be sure to check him out on social media for tons of food inspo, Keto tips, and a big dose of fun! You can find him @ketolifewithmatt on Instagram and Facebook!


My weight loss story was a roller coaster ride full of big gains and losses. With every diet I tried, I never found anything sustainable and usually ended up heavier than when I started. In my 30’s, I hit an all-time high of 268 pounds. I was faced with diverticulitis from bad eating habits and had to have three surgeries to help fix my digestive system. In February 2020, I turned 49 years old. I was unhappy with my weight of 238 pounds and I knew it was time for a change. I made a promise to myself that I’d make a conscious effort to achieve better health, for me and for my family.


I promised myself and my family that by the time I was 50 years old, I would be healthier, stronger, and happier with myself and my appearance. I bought a Peloton bike and vowed it would not end up being a dust collector or a clothes rack. I would take this opportunity to successfully reach my health goals!






I chose the Keto diet because of the success of a few friends. The introduction of exogenous ketones and removing the majority of carbs from my diet is a successful combination that works for me! As a trained chef, I was able to easily adapt and create some fantastic dishes along the way. I realized you truly need a lifestyle change to make the changes sustainable. The benefits of being healthy outweigh the things I feel I had to give up on Keto. I feel better, I have less inflammation and joint pain, I sleep better, I’ve lost weight, and I have more mental clarity and energy!


What motivates me to keep going is getting to help others! Family and community are very important to me. When you surround yourself with like-minded and motivated people, success happens for all involved. I started an amazing private Facebook group, which allows me to share my journey and help to inspire, motivate, and educate others on their path to a successful healthy lifestyle!


My goal going forward is to share my experience with others who are looking for the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle. I would also love to publish a Ketogenic Recipe book with some of my favorite dishes!


My advice to someone getting started would be: Do NOT QUIT! I will never say it’s EASY, but I can promise you the results are worth it. There are times when you will not see or feel the progress, but if you stay the course, your body and health will change. Define your WHY, refer to your WHY, and commit to your WHY. When you have a reason and a purpose, your chances for success will grow exponentially.  


What I love about KetoKrate is the variety and convenience! I always have a go-to snack, and I don’t have to commit to a whole box or case before I know whether I love it. Plus, there are so many great discounts associated with the subscription! Some of my favorite KetoKrate snacks are High Key cookies, Hilo Life Nacho Cheese Chips, Keto and Co Peanut Butter Crunch Granola, and People’s Choice Beef Jerky!






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