Success Story: Rebecca’s Keto Journey

Success Story:

Rebecca’s Keto Journey

Rebecca has totally crushed her Keto journey! Not only did she lose weight and get healthier, but Keto helped her and her husband finally conceive her adorable daughter! Talk about #ketogoals! Rebecca has been Keto for 3 years and lost over 100 pounds! Her Keto journey is relatable for most of us who have been on the yo-yo diet cycle, so read on for some mega inspiration! And follow her on Instagram @reinventingrebecca

I’m 35 and have basically been on a weight loss journey for most of my adult life. In 2012, I joined Weight Watchers weighing 298 pounds. WW taught me how to lose weight but, in my opinion, didn’t teach me how to eat healthy and keep the weight off. I yo-yo’d back and forth gaining and losing the same 50ish pounds for 6 years. Although I was successful at losing weight following the WW program, I just couldn’t seem to keep it off. I would get crazy sugar craving and binge eat all the wrong foods. 

In March of 2018, I was 248 pounds. I was fed up with gaining and losing the same weight and knew I needed to try a different approach. I decided to give Keto/low-carb a try. I downloaded the ItrackBites app and started following the Carb Conscious plan. It was tough at first. My first week I literally had a dream about buying and eating an entire box of cupcakes with mounds of buttercream frosting! However, I stuck with it and slowly noticed those crazy sugar cravings going away. From March 2018 to July 2019, I lost 68 pounds! For the first time in my adult life, I was under 200 pounds — weighing in at 180 pounds! I was 20 pounds from my goal weight of 160 pounds. 

My husband and I unsuccessfully tried to have a baby for many years. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS in 2017, I had almost lost all hope of conceiving. However, in late July 2019, I found out I was pregnant! I truly believe Keto balanced my body and hormones and allowed me to conceive our #ketobaby. I delivered a healthy baby girl on 04/28/20. During pregnancy, I followed a low-carb diet and only gained about 21 pounds. I was able to lose that weight shortly after delivery, but have been maintaining at 175 since August of 2020. I’m comfortable at this weight, but would ultimately like to reach 160 to be in a healthy BMI range



My motivation comes from my husband and daughter. I want to be the best version of myself for them. I want to live a long, healthy and active life. I’m also motivated and inspired by all the amazing Keto IG/YouTube accounts. My current favorite YouTubers are KetoRewind, Kristi Davis, and Nicole Burgess. Keto has helped so many people lose weight and gain a better quality of life!

My advice to someone just starting is to do your research. I wish I would have started out my Keto journey taking vitamins and supplements. My second week on Keto, I got “Keto flu” and felt awful! And I also experienced hair loss. I would also tell them to remember that what works for someone else might not work for you. Nothing happens overnight, but stick with it!




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