Success Story: Joseph & LeToya’s Keto Journey

Success Story:

Joseph & LaToya’s Keto Journey

Joseph and LaToya are the founders of Keto Hope Dealers and the KHD Keto Magazine. We think the name is really on point because we know their stories will spark a lot of hope! They have lost a total of 177 pounds between them and now are helping to inspire others to get healthy. Read on for the story of how they tackled weight loss together. And follow them @ketohopedealers and @khdketomag for more motivation!

Between the two of us, we had tried all the diets you can think of. Our mindset was not where it should have been, and shortly afterwards we would gain all the weight back. We did not give ourselves grace and we would always quit and go try something else. 

The last straw was my wife LaToya always being out of breath when we would walk for short lengths and the weight causing her asthma symptoms to flare up. For me, it was when I started having nerve pain in my feet and having to stick myself every day due to diabetes. These were the turning points when we made the decision to give the Keto lifestyle a try. 

We chose Keto because it was the only diet left to try, honestly. My wife, LaToya, watched her friend lose weight and keep it off on the Keto lifestyle, so we decided to try it together. Nothing works until you work it. We had to do the work. We had to give ourselves grace through the process.


We started Keto cold turkey in July, 2019. We were not sure where to even start. We didn’t have the resources and Keto coaches we have now. We thought Keto was all about bacon, eggs and avocado and almost quit because we needed a good support system. Instead, we decided to work together and be one another’s support/accountability partner and we have not looked back since. We now listen to our bodies while incorporating intermittent fasting in our daily regimen. We also enjoy lots of delicious foods other than bacon, eggs and avocado.



We wish we knew when we started how important it is to read nutrition labels on all products. We also wish we’d had access to Keto experts and coaches at that time. Now, we have a wonderful support system on Clubhouse and across social media channels!

We typically skip breakfast and start our day with a nice lunch, like a Chicken Caesar Salad with Whisp Cheddar Cheese crackers as the croutons. We also intermittent fast to give our bodies time to heal. We are now focusing on clean Keto eating, making sure that the majority of the food we consume are fresh meats, fresh veggies, etc.







Our children motivate us every single day. We want to be around for them, we want to watch our 5 children graduate. Being overweight caused us to stop doing things we used to enjoy doing. What motivates us is seeing the changes in our bodies, hearing our children ask us “Is that Keto?”, and seeing the folks who have watched our journey and decide to give Keto a try. It gives us hope and motivates us, so we strive daily to give it back to our community. 

Our goals for the future are to start offering Keto coaching programs for newbies who are interested in trying Keto but don’t know where to start. We want to bridge the gap between the Keto and non-Keto community. This is how Keto Hope Dealers and KHD’s Keto Magazine was birthed. We started Keto Hope Dealers in May 2020 and our magazine was launched in January 2021. Our goal is to help folks crush obesity while spreading hope (and a lil’ bit of laughter).

Our advice to someone just starting would be to tell them to take it one day at a time. The weight didn’t pile on overnight, so the pounds won’t fall off overnight. Learn how to breathe and give yourself some grace. You are not a failure! Get yourself around a community of folks who will cheer for you, educate you, empower you to live your best, healthiest life.

Keto Krate helps by saving us the time and money of finding good Keto brands and snacks to try. They do the research for us and each month we look forward to seeing what new brands they have found. Keto Krate is by far our favorite monthly subscription box. Some of the favorite snacks we’ve discovered are Keto Farms, Highkey Snacks, and many, many more!

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