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Keto Krate Recap – April 2019

Keto Krate Recap – April 2019

A look back at our April 2019 Keto Krate 

Products Featured:

Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds

Legendary Foods


20g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Our appetizer jokes are at an all-time buffalow, so we’re just going to wing it and tell you about the ultimate combination of nutrition and flavor you’ll find in each pouch of Legendary Foods’ Buffalo Blue Wing Seasoned Almonds.

They’re a low-carb, high-flavor snack that brings the bold zestiness of your favorite buffalo wings to life while you snack on-the-go. With 20 grams of fat per serving, no added-sugar, and a moderate protein count, they’ll fill you up and leave enough room in your macros to finish your day with ease. Snack smarter with Legendary Foods’ Buffalo Blue Wing Almonds.

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Valid until June 30th, 2019


Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Glo Bars 

Raw Rev


11g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Prepare to be wowed with Raw Rev’s Creamy Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Glo Bars!

The light sweetness of the bars is beautifully balanced with a hint of salt, making them the perfect snack for Keto’ers who want it all.

Supported with antioxidant nutrition from premium plant-based ingredients, Raw Rev Glo bars leave your tastebuds beaming and your insides gleaming.

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019. 


Toasted Coconut & Chia Dark Chocolate Bar 



16g fat/Serving

5g net carbs/Serving

Cut the carbs this Easter by trading your sugary, bunny-shaped chocolate for premium, stevia-sweetened chocolate from Coco Polo. Shreds of golden-toasted coconut and flecks of chia seeds grace this bar, adding an irresistible texture to their rich, velvety-smooth dark chocolate.

Keto chocolate bliss is only a bite away when you have Coco Polo chocolate on hand.

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019. 


Grass Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeño Bar


9g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

DNX Grass Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeño Bars were developed specifically with the Keto community in mind. After months of formulating and testing, they found the perfect balance of beef, bacon, and spices, resulting in their best-tasting bar yet!

We love the meaty texture and the smokey, slightly-spicy flavor of their Grass Fed Beef & Uncured Bacon Jalapeño bar, and at 1 carb per serving, they easily fit into your macros.

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019


Tangerine Meringues

Krunchy Melts


0g fat/Serving

0g net carbs/Serving

Whether you’re looking for sugar-free Easter treats, a Mother’s Day dainty, or a light dessert for a spring evening, the bright, fresh, fruity flavor of Tangerine Krunchy Melts are sure to be a hit.

These sweet, citrusy poufs of deliciousness are melt-your-mouth bites of sunshine that will have your tastebuds doing the tangerine tango! Celebrate spring with sugar-free Krunchy Melts!

Spring into flavor with sugar-free meringues from Krunchy Melts!

Original Biltong 



2.5g fat/Serving

0g net carbs/Serving

Biltong is not your average jerky. It originated in South Africa and is an air-dried style of meat with a pastrami-like texture. Unlike American jerky which uses heat and smoke, biltong is cured using aromatic seasonings and

vinegar, creating a noticeably tangy flavor. Ayoba-Yo’s Original recipe is everything you want from a traditional biltong — a nice dry exterior, soft chewy interior, and natural meaty flavor with a hint of tang.

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019


Salted Caramel + Pecan Bar

BHU Foods


17g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

It feels good to eat good, and with BHU Foods, it tastes good to eat good too! Their Salted Caramel + Pecan bar will exceed your expectations of what a protein bar should taste like and will have you saying “wow”!

Hearty chunks of buttery pecans are enveloped in a sweet, chewy caramel bedding, sprinkled with a touch of sea salt to round out the flavors. Fill up on good food with BHU.

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019


Spicy Hemp Hearts

Humming Hemp


14g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

Hemp hearts are an exceptionally healthy food, but how many of us have bought a bag with the best intentions . . . only to have it end up in the back of the cupboard because we didn’t know what to do with it?

Humming Hemp has taken this intimidating ingredient and made it totally accessible to hemp heart newbies with flavored, single-serving hemp heart snack packs.

Now you can get delicious, superpowered nutrition with ease.

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019

Spicy Cheese Snacks

Intakt Snacks


6g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

Let’s face it: cheese is pretty much a necessity, and the more ways you can eat cheese, the better. One of our favorites is Intakt Snacks’ crunchy cheese.

Not only are their snacks fun to eat — they have a variety of interesting flavors to keep you from getting bored. So whether you’re a cheese purist, a lover of aromatic herbs, walk the spicier side of life, or simply crave the piquant gusto of bleu cheese, Intakt Snacks has a cheese for you.

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Valid until June 4th, 2019


Fruity Cereal

The Cereal School


3.5g fat/Serving

0g net carbs/Serving

Growing up is overrated! That’s why we’re throwing it back to the good ol’ days when a bowl of cereal was enough to start your morning with a smile.

The Cereal School does old-school cereal the new way so you can get the sweet, delightful crunch you’ve been missing — without the carbs. Have a bowl (heck, have two!) and relive the days of your youth with the intense, fruity flavor of The Cereal School’s Fruity cereal.

Transport Yourself Right Back to Childhood With The Cereal School!


Italian Style Beef Chomplings  



3g fat/Serving

0g net carbs/Serving

CHOMPS is serving first-rate flavor with their new Italian Style Beef Chomplings. Savory grass-fed beef is expertly balanced with Italian seasonings to bring you their most flavorful snack stick yet!

Each juicy mouthful offers a thick, meaty bite you can really sink your teeth into. If you’re looking for a delicious on-the-go snack that’s packed with both protein and flavor, chomp into CHOMPS!

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Valid until June 3rd, 2019

So What’s A Keto Krate Worth Anyways? 

The total retail value of the April Products is $43.00The total cost to ship each product to yourself individually using the minimum order requirements of each site is $27.25The total value of coupon savings using the minimum order requirements of each site is $27.75The total value of the April 2019 Keto Krate is $98.00

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