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KetoKrate Recap – January 2019

KetoKrate Recap – January 2019

A look back at our January 2019 KetoKrate 


Products Featured:

Chocolate Cookie Dough Bar



19g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Kiss My Keto Bars are a dream come true for any Keto’er looking to add even more joy to their journey. They are firm-yet-chewy bars covered in a perfectly balanced layer of chocolate. The texture is smooth without the chalky grittiness of a lot of other bars out there. We’re so impressed with the consistency of all their bars but especially with their Chocolate Cookie Dough flavor. It’s seriously like real cookie dough — chocolate chunks and all! And the flavor! Good gracious, the flavor! The bars are sweet and rich without the heaviness of a candy bar, and they don’t bog down your stomach with an overbearing amount of protein. These bars are the closest thing we’ve found to perfection, and we’re so happy we get to share them with you

Kiss Carb Cravings Goodbye With Chocolate Cookie Dough Bars From Kiss My Keto!  


Cajun Beef Stick 



6g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

Tomer Kosher meat sticks are simple snacks for a busy life, and they’re perfect for single-handed snacking. Scroll your news feed, text your bestie, or swipe right on your new date while enjoying all-natural seasoned meat made from select cuts of beef. A touch of of garlic kicks off your snack experience and is followed by a savory blend of white and black pepper, onion, and red pepper. Swipe right on this Cajun cutie and your tastebuds will never be lonely again.

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Valid until June 1st, 2019. 


Original Nutrition Bar 



17g fat/Serving

4g net carbs/Serving

Power up your New Year’s resolutions with KetoWatt bars! They’re made specifically for Keto’ers who want to crush sugar cravings and stay in nutritional Ketosis. The chewy, buttery-smooth, melt-in-your-mouth bars make for an astoundingly delicious snack with excellent macro ratios. Whether you’re just getting started with Keto or you’re an old pro, keep yourself in control with sweet, flavorful bars from KetoWatt and make 2019 the year you kick carb cravings for good.

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Valid until March 4th, 2019. 


Lemon Matcha Bar 


15g fat/Serving

5g net carbs/Serving

Get ready for a glorious pick-me-up with fresh, zesty flavor from Dang Food’s Lemon Matcha bars. Simple ingredients like coconut, chia seeds, and almonds team up with the bright, refreshing flavors of lemon and matcha for a mood-boosting, crumbly, cookie-like experience you can see, taste, and feel. Give yourself a break from overindulgent, decadent holiday foods, and start fresh with Lemon and Matcha — they’re a matcha made in heaven.

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Valid until January 1st, 2020


Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers



9g fat/Serving

4g net carbs/Serving

Hold on to your sombreros and get ready to fiesta like there’s no mañana! You can practically hear the mariachi band celebrating each time you open your bag of Mexican Harvest Flax Crackers from Foods Alive. The unique blend of Mexican herbs and spices creates an irresistible taco-like taste, making these crackers the life of any party. The slightly spicy, extremely flavorful crackers are remarkably delicious on their own and will liven up any salad, dips, spreads, or cheeses you choose — now that’s something to celebrate!

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Valid until March 31st, 2019

Milk Chocolate 



13g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Give in to chocolate without giving up your New Year’s resolutions. Sukrin chocolate is gorgeous, rich, Swiss chocolate sweetened with Sukrin-brand erythritol and stevia for a luxurious chocolate experience with zero guilt. The Sukrin brand is known for their quality products and passion for helping people reduce sugar and carbs from their diets. Let your cravings melt away with each creamy, luscious bite of Sukrin Milk Chocolate and give in without giving up.

For Some, There’s Therapy. For the Rest of Us, there’s Sukrin Chocolate!


Mesquite Barbecue Biltong Stick 



1g fat/Serving

1g net carbs/Serving

Stryve Biltong is bringing a whole new level of flavor to biltong. Their Mesquite BBQ Biltong Snack Stick is big, thick, naturally mesquite smoked, and complemented by rich, flavorful garlic, sea salt, and a hint of sweetness. The natural lamb casing gives the biltong a crisp snap when you bite into it, which is followed by a firm, meaty chew. A light marbling of fat throughout the meat stick increases the flavor intensity and keeps you full without feeling greasy.

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Valid until March 1st, 2019

Chocolate Crispy Caramel Bars



6g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

ChocoRite Chocolate Crispy Caramel Candy Bars deliver real satisfaction when you need it. Thick, gooey caramel embellishes every decadent bite. A generous smothering of rich, creamy milk chocolate encases this sweet treat while the crispy pieces scattered throughout each cluster tantalize your taste buds with splendid textures not found in the typical Keto diet. This year, resolve to take control of your health without missing out on decadence. You can do it with ChocoRite Candy Bars.

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Valid until February 15th, 2019

Ginger Something Cookies 



23g fat/Serving

2g net carbs/Serving

Do something different this year with Ginger Something cookies from Nui! Of course they’re chewy and of course, they’re ooey, but most of all, they’re free from all the carb-phooey that you’d normally find in a cookie so good. That’s the Nui difference. Their brand new, limited edition Ginger Something cookies are an inspiring fusion of warm spices that fall somewhere between a snickerdoodle and gingerbread cookie. Call them whatever you will — just know you’re about to bite into Ginger Something special.

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Valid until February 15th, 2019


Classic Pink Himalayan Salt Roasted Sunflower Seeds 



15g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

IOTA Sunflower Seeds are light, delicious, and crispy kernels of sunflower seeds roasted to perfection and seasoned with a light sprinkling of Himalayan salt. Some of the salt may have settled on their journey to you, so we suggest shaking them up a bit before you open the innovative spouted packaging. The spouted packaging allows you to keep your hands clean while you enjoy their scrumptious seeds. Simply pour straight into your mouth and reseal for your next snacking session. One mouthful is all it will take and you’ll know why you oughta IOTA.

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Valid until May 1st, 2019





22g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

KetoManna is a Ketogenic chocolate wonderfood, brimming with brain-boosting MCTs, which will give you a quick dose of energy in a seriously delicious way. KetoManna is a “wonderfood” because it can be eaten like a fudge bar (if you stick it in the fridge), or like a thick nut-butter bomb. You can even emulsify it into your morning coffee to create a rich chocolatey cappuccino-type experience. Whether you’re popping your KetoManna in the fridge or eating it out of the package, we suggest first kneading the pack thoroughly to evenly mix the superior ingredients.

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Valid until April 1st, 2019


Barbecue Pro-Puffs 



3g fat/Serving

3g net carbs/Serving

Hands up if you’re over winter already! Let’s get back to sunshine, beach days, and backyard barbecues — starting with crispy, crunchy, smokey, finger-lickin’-good barbecue flavored Pro-Puffs from Meals for Muscle. It’s like eating a bowlful of barbecue chips without a bowlful of guilt to follow. The entire pouch is a single serving, so if you’re in the mood for a big, long snacking session, Pro-Puffs are the snack that has your back, hips, and thighs in mind. Summer is just around the corner, and this year, you can proudly say that you have a barbecue body.

Pro-Puffs Come in 10 Different Sweet and Savory Flavors! 


Bay Spice Flavor Infused Peanuts 



17g fat/Serving

4g net carbs/Serving

Pizootz are flavor-infused peanuts that taste like magic but are made of science. Flavor infusion means there are no messy powders on these nuts — the flavor is actually locked inside! We love that you can enjoy Pizootz without messy hands or pesky flavor dust accumulating on your fingers. Pizootz Bay Spice Peanuts are inspired by a gumbo cookin’ block party complete with streamers, sidewalk chalk, and spices for days. See this month’s recipe for a Bay Spice Salmon Cake recipe that will be sure to knock your socks off.

Pizootz are the World’s Most Incredible Peanuts! 

So What’s A KetoKrate Worth Anyways? 


The total retail value of the December Products is $44.55 The total cost to ship each product to yourself individually using the minimum order requirements of each site $60.02The total value of coupon savings using the minimum order requirements of each site $45.46The total value of the December 2018 KetoKrate $150.03

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