Dark Chocolate Mini's

Cranberry Twist Cocktail Mixers

Double Dipped Milk Chocolate Coconut Almonds

Keto Krac

Fiery Hot Snack Puffs

Chocolate Peanut Blast Bar

Birthday Cake Keto Bar

Milk Chocolate Keto Dippers

Cheddar Snack Puffs

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Tasty Pastry

What is this Keto Krate worth?

$ 39.18

Retail value of this month’s products

$ 65

Shipping cost for minimum order of each product to yourself

$ 57.62

Discount code savings of minimum order of each product

$ 161.80


No matter the value of KetoKrate, remember what’s truly valuable: You. Your commitment to yourself and your health is what motivates us to continually work on increasing the value we provide in KetoKrate.