Danielle's Success Story

Danielle's Success Story
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  • May is National Lupus Awareness month! Keto can be a path to healing for people with lupus, and Danielle is one of them. Four years ago, Danielle experienced a lupus flare-up that motivated her to try a change in diet. She went all-in on Keto and four months later, her lupus went into remission! Danielle is still in remission today and inspires others on their own journey. You can follow her @ketolupie on Instagram for great motivation, and check out her health and wellness coaching at ​​www.ketolupie.com!

    I did not do keto for weight loss. My lupus went into a flare and I decided to see if a change in diet would help alleviate the symptoms. I was in so much pain and was desperate to try anything. I read that by removing inflammatory foods from your diet, autoimmune flares would dissipate. I also loved the idea of eating real, whole foods with healthy fats so my body could run like a well oiled machine!

    I read everything on Google I could find. I did not ease into the lifestyle, I went all in. The way I felt immediately told me I made the right decision. Not only was I symptom free, but within 4 months my lupus went into remission and has been now for the past 4 years!

    The food options are endless and so simple. I made it way too complicated in the beginning. I can prepare meals for myself and my family with very few adjustments.

    I am a very active person. As a fitness instructor I teach anywhere from 2-4 classes a day.  Because of this I always have a few meal replacement bars and lots of snacks in my gym bag.  I also pack my lunch every day, which is typically the only meal I plan out. Dinner is always on a whim and depends on what I am in the mood for when I get to the supermarket. I also never miss a mea — a girls gotta eat, lol!

    My family is my biggest motivation. They support me in everything I do. I live a healthy life so I can be the best version of me for them. My goals for the future are to remain in remission and continue to inspire others on their keto journey.

    I absolutely love all the delicious snacks from KetoKrate. My gym bag is filled with savory and sweet treats. There is never a month when I am not introduced to something new and buy it.

    Pork King Good pork rinds are my favorite KetoKrate find! They absolutely satisfy that salty craving. I also love Munk Pack, ChocZero and GoodSam candy coated nuts!

    My advice to someone just starting out would be to KISS! Keep it simple simple! Get your bearings, watch your body change and your mind grow. This is your journey.  Do not compare yourself to anyone else. Go on Instagram and let others inspire you. Find fabulous recipes. Workouts that get you moving. Create your own beautiful and amazing journey. You are unique and special, so your keto journey should be too! 


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