Sticking Through Summer

Sticking Through Summer
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  • Sticking Through Summer

    Summer is finally upon us and we’re ready for pool parties, beach picnics, and afternoons spent soaking up the sun! But when you’re focused on a health and weight loss journey, the distractions and challenges summer brings can feel a bit daunting. 

    Summer often means a boost in social events and activities that can make staying on track a lot more challenging. There’s nothing wrong with deciding to go off plan once in a while, but with all of the excuses to slack off that summer brings, that proverbial wagon might be hard to find by the time September rolls around! 

    But what if you stuck with it this summer and didn’t use those events as an excuse? Where would you be at the end of the season if you continue to give it 100%? Summer is all about being carefree and having fun, and neither of those things require eating carbs! Read on for our tips on how to stay on plan this summer so you can continue to conquer your goals!

    Keto’fy Your Summer Fun

    margaritas by pool

    No one wants to have to opt out of those fun summer treats by the pool or around the bonfire. But who says you have to? There’s a Keto product or recipe out there for almost anything your summer heart desires! Don’t want to give up ice cream on family summer nights? There are a host of brands now offering Keto ice cream varieties! Craving s’mores? Check out our Keto s’more recipe! Wanting some adult libations? You can’t go wrong with our Keto margarita recipe! You can still enjoy all of those summer goodies without having to compromise your health.

    Tune Into the Season


    While the summer season can be tough to navigate when your social calendar is full, it can also help encourage you to eat healthier! The hot weather combined with lots of seasonal produce is the perfect incentive to fill your menu with light and nutritious meals. Lunch on bountiful salads, enjoy summer evenings by grilling meat and vegetables for dinner, and finish your day off with sweet berries and fresh whipped cream for dessert! Eating healthy never tasted so good!

    Get in the Game

    family at parkIf you’re not much for the gym, summer is the perfect time to get in that physical activity without it feeling like exercise! Jumping around in the pool with friends, playing catch in the park, or taking your dog on a long sunny walk are perfect ways to get in some movement. And having your nutrition on point will only help give you the energy and stamina to soak up as much of the summer fun as possible! 



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