KetoKrate's Top 20 Keto Snacks For Summer 2023

KetoKrate's Top 20 Keto Snacks For Summer 2023
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  • KetoKrate's Top 20 Keto Snacks For Summer 2023

    KetoKrate's Top 20 Keto Snacks For Summer 2023

    🌞🥓 Summer is sizzling, and we've got a conga line of keto snacks that will make your tastebuds do the tango. Want to try these tasty summer treats without having to commit to buying a whole case before you’ve even tried them? That’s what KetoKrate is here for! These keto snacks are featured in KetoKrate's summer lineup. They’re ready to show up so you can show out in your favorite summer style. From tangy and tantalizing tropical treats to refreshing, guilt-free indulgences, this keto snack lineup will have you feeling like you're savoring sunshine in every bite. We've left no palm tree unturned, no beach umbrella unshaken, and no coconut uncracked in our quest to find the ultimate summertime keto goodies.

    🏝️🌴 Grab your sun hat, slather on that SPF, and join us as we reveal the top 20 keto snacks that will keep you snacking and shining throughout Summer 2023. Let's dive in and satisfy those summertime cravings the keto way. 🌞🍽️

    Super Natural Soda

    Image of white and red Dr. Best Super Natural Soda can with a glass of refreshing bubbly soda beside it.


    Make this summer your most refreshing one yet with Super Natural Soda! Perfect for poolside sips, it’s the all natural, zero sugar, zero calorie bubbly thirst quencher you’ve been waiting for. Excited to try Super Natural Soda? Try it in the July 2023 KetoKrate! 


    Image shows snack house snack puffs bursting out of the packaging. Image includes all keto snack flavors; Cinnamon swirl keto puffs, banana maple french toast keto cereal puffs, Jalapeno cheddar keto snack puffs, chocolate keto cereal puffs, BBQ flavored keto snack puffs, loaded nacho flavored keto puffs, peanut butter cup keto breakfast cereal, flaming red hot keto snacking puffs and fruity keto cereal puffs.

    Extraordinary summer days deserve extraordinarily tasty snacks. Packed with protein, SnackHouse puffs come in a wide variety of flavors from sweet wild berry cereal to savory cheese burger puffs to curb every craving. Snackhouse's Cheeseburger Keto Puffs are featured in the July 2023 KetoKrate! Join KetoKrate and try them and a host of other delicious snacks this summer! 

    High Key Sandwich cookies 

    Pictured: Blue and white High Key Keto Cookie packaging with three cookies outside the packaging. Cookies are keto versions of Oreos with a crispy chocolate cookie exterior sandwiching a creamy frosted center.


    Dunk your way to a delicious summer with crispy, crunchy, cream filled cookies from High Key. The delicious keto snacks keep your summer keto snack game on point. High Key sandwich cookies were featured in the June KetoKrate. Did you know KetoKrate members get access to the Member's Only Keto Shop? They can try snacks they missed out on and re-buy their favorites with free shipping and no minimums! 

    Tastelli Drinkable Konjac Jelly

    glass of peach flavored drinkable konjac jelly beside an orange and white drinkable pouch with peaches on it.

    Experience a burst of summer with Tastelli's refreshing fruit flavors. Savor the juicy explosion of sweet berries, tropical mango and pineapple, tart green apple and grapes, or perfectly peachy drinkable konjac jelly. Pop them in the freezer for an ice cold treat that will keep you cool all summer long! KetoKrate members were excited to try the fruity refreshing taste of Pineapple Mango Tastelli in the May 2023 KetoKrate! 

    School Yard Snacks Puffs


    bag of Schoolyard Snacks keto cheese puffs surrounded by a pile of orange keto cheese puffs

    No need to sacrifice fun or flavor with School Yard Snack Puffs. They’re the ultimate keto snack time companions, bringing joy and deliciousness to every break. These crunchy, airy puffs are packed with flavor and enough protein to keep you satisfied.

    Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Drink Mix

    Ultima Replenisher Keto Electrolyte drink mix in pink package beside a glass of ultima replenisher keto drink mix in a clear glass.

     Quench your summer thirst and replenish your body with Ultima Replenisher electrolytes. With a refreshing array of flavors, including zesty lemonade and tropical punch, these electrolyte-packed beverages are the perfect way to stay hydrated during hot summer days. Each sip delivers a balanced blend of essential minerals, helping you to recover and rehydrate, so you can keep enjoying the sun-soaked season to the fullest.

    Catalina Crunch Snack Mix


    package of Catalina Crunch Savory Keto Snack Mix, traditional flavor with a pile of Catalina Crunch Keto Snack mix outside of the package. The keto snack mix contains cashews, keto pretzels, pecans and catalina crunch cereal

    Elevate your snacking experience with Catalina Crunch Snack Mix, the perfect blend of crunch and flavor. Indulge in a mouthwatering assortment of keto-friendly ingredients, from crispy nuts and seeds to savory cheese bites, all meticulously crafted to satisfy your snack cravings. Whether you're on the go, relaxing at home, or sharing with friends, Catalina Crunch Snack Mix is the ultimate guilt-free indulgence that will energize you and your taste buds! Look for them in an upcoming KetoKrate! 

    Bantastic Brownie Crisps

    blue and white box of bantastic brownie crisps with a pile of Bantastic coconut brownie crisps outside the package showing crisp keto brownie texture


    Bantastic Brownie Crisps are bite-sized keto snacks that take guilt-free snacking to a whole new level. They’re crispy, fudgey, sweet tooth satisfiers that won’t derail your keto diet.

    :Ratio Chewy Bars


    One :ratio chewy granola bar in dark blue packaging with an open granola bar beside it showing the keto granola bar's chewy texture.

    :ratio Chewy bars are perfectly crafted to fuel your adventures and satisfy your cravings. With a harmonious blend of delicious flavors and balanced macros, these bars are a must-have for those seeking a nutritious and tasty on-the-go option. Whether you're hiking, biking, or lounging by the beach, :ratio Chewy bars provide the ideal combination of protein, fiber, and natural ingredients to keep you energized and satisfied all summer long. KetoKrate members get to try TWO flavors of :ratio chewy bars in the July 2023 KetoKrate! 

    ChocZero Smallows


    two plates of choczero smallows; keto friendly marshmallows on a table with a unopened package of choczero smallows on the table and a girl in an orange sweater reaching for them.

    OH EM GEE have you tried these keto friendly marshmallow delights yet? The taste and texture are EXACTLY like regular marshmallows except they’re sugar free! Trust us they’re so good they’ll leave you wanting s’more! Don't miss out on trying this sweet treat! KetoKrate members will get a full sized bag of Choc Zero Smallows in the August Krate! Don't wait sign up today!

    Genius Gourmet Crispy Protein Treats


    One Genius Gourmet Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy Protein Treat in orange and white packaging with an open protein crispy treat beside it showing crispy texture and chocolate drizzle.

    Try Genius Gourmet Crispy Protein Treats and let your taste buds do the happy dance. These crunchy, protein-packed snacks are here to save the day, turning your summer snacking into a flex-worthy experience. So go ahead, indulge guilt-free and flaunt your summer swagger while munching on the crispiest and cleverest protein treats around. Genius Gourmet Peanut Butter Chocolate Crispy Protein Treats will be making an appearance in the August 2023 KetoKrate!

    Sinless Snacks Marshmallow Krisp


    sinless snacks marshmallow krisp. High protein keto friendly snack with the product shown in its box, sleeve and outside of the package.

    Sinless Snacks Marshmallow Krisps are here to save your summer from flavorless boredom. Dive into these fluffy, chewy marshmallow squares and experience a party in your mouth that's so sinfully delicious, it should be illegal. With each crispy bite, you'll forget all about your diet and be ready to face the beach with confidence and a marshmallow-filled grin. Coming soon to a KetoKrate near you! 

    Pork King Good Pork Rinds


    Bag of White Cheddar Pork King Good Pork Rinds beside a pile of delicious white cheddar pork rinds

    The crunch that will make other keto snacks oink with jealousy. Dive into a bag of these crispy delights and let your taste buds embark on a vacation to Flavortown. With flavors so bold and satisfying, you'll be snacking like a boss and declaring yourself the reigning king or queen of porky goodness this summer.

    Hilo Life Tortilla Chips


    Red bag of Hili Life Spicy Nacho torilla chips beside a pile of spicy nacho tortilla chips

    These crispy triangles of awesomeness are here to rescue your taste buds from summer snack mediocrity. So grab a bag, lounge by the pool, and let your chips take you on a flavor-filled fiesta that will have you saying "hilo" to snacking satisfaction all summer long.

    Earthside Farms Candied Nuts

    White and blue package of Keto Farms Blueberry Vanilla Keto Candied nuts with a pile of blueberry vanilla flavored cashews beside it.


    The sweet crunch that'll make your taste buds go nuts for summer. These delectable treats are so irresistible, you'll find yourself squirreling them away from friends and family. So go ahead, go nutty with Earthside Farms and make this summer a nutty, delicious adventure.

    Better Than Good BBQ puffs

    Pile of Better Than Good grab n' go protein puffs in Tangy BBQ flavor in front of the red and white better than good snack packaging


    When it comes to summer snacking Better Than Good BBQ Protein Puffs are a total smoke show! Get ready for a BBQ flavor explosion that's better than any cookout, and make this summer the puffiest and tastiest one yet. Watch for them in an up coming KetoKrate!



    Avinola is a spoonful of summer sunshine in every bite. Made with low-carb Lupini, it’s the lowest carb granola we’ve found that packs both flavor and crunch in every cluster. KetoKrate members will get to try both Sweet Almond Coconut and Double Chocolate Sea Salt Avinola in an upcoming KetoKrate. Don't want to miss out on trying new keto snacks every month? Become a member for only $39.99 a month. Curious how KetoKrate works? We explain everything on our home page! 

    Roam Sticks


    Roam Sticks are KetoKrate’s highest rated meat sticks ever! You can totally taste the difference pasture raised meat makes. They’re ultra portable and ultra delicious. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply soaking up the sun, let Roam Sticks be your trusty sidekick, bringing protein-packed deliciousness where ever you may roam.

    Scrummy Gummy Bears


    Who wants to resist the urge to snack on sweet gummies during the height of summer? Not us! And fortunately, we don’t have to. Scrummy Gummy Bears are chewy little bursts of joy made with all natural fruity flavors that capture the essence of summer in every bite. Watch for them in an upcoming KetoKrate! 

    Tazzy Lollipops

    Three package of Tazzy Candy, keto friendly snack lollipops. featuring spicy mango, sour watermelon and acai berry lollipop flavors.


    Unleash your inner sweetness with Tazzy Lollipops, the lollipops that will make your taste buds do the tango. These delightful treats are a whirlwind of flavors, from tangy twists to mesmerizing swirls, offering a captivating experience with every lick. Get ready to indulge in a lollipop adventure that will have you twirling with delight all summer long.


    Looking for more treats to beat the heat? Check out these ice cold keto friendly summer recipes! 

     Simply Delish Orange Creamsicle Pudding Pop 

    No Churn Cookie Blast Keto Ice Cream.

    KetoKrate's Pina Colada Popsicles

    KetoKrate's keto friendly, sugar free pina colada popsicles on a plate with a pineapple and summer foliage around it


    As the sun-soaked season heats up, it’s important to find keto snacks that keep you cool, energized, and on track with your keto goals. Whether you're lounging by the pool, embarking on a beachside adventure, or simply basking in the glorious warmth of the summer sun, we've scoured the ketoverse to bring you the absolute best of the best when it comes to keto summer snacking.


    Summer beach scene with a girl in a bikini holding a KetoKrate in front of the beach showing off her summer keto snacks
    Unleash your inner keto snack explorer by joining KetoKrate and dive into a world of mouthwatering flavors, delightful textures, and snackable wonders that will make this summer your tastiest one yet! 


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