How to Reduce Your Kids’ Sugar

How to Reduce Your Kids’ Sugar
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  • How to Reduce Your Kids’ Sugar
  • We all know that being a mom is tough! You’re the event planner, the scheduler keeper, the chauffeur, and the disciplinarian all in one. So in honor of Mother’s Day, we want to help make your job just a little easier! 

    Trying to reduce the amount of sugar your kids eat is no easy task. It’s hard enough as an adult to say no to the sugary treats that seem to surround us everywhere we go, so also having to be the ‘bad guy’ and police your kids’ diet is no fun! But we’ve got some simple tips to help get your kids on a healthier track while still keeping everyone in the family happy! 

    colorful hand lettering that reads "listen to your body"

    Listen To Their Body

    One of the most important things we can teach our kids as parents is to listen to their body so that they can create a healthy relationship with food. Many of us struggle with food because we’ve spent years dieting, ignoring our hunger signals, and numbing ourselves to what our body is telling us. Most kids have the benefit of being able to hear those signals loud and clear! Remind them to eat slowly so they can stop at the first sign of fullness, encourage them to tune into how the sugary treat feels in their stomach, and to check in with themselves before they grab another bite. We don’t want to demonize sugar or make it feel forbidden, but encouraging your kids to listen to their body can go a long way in reducing the amount of sugar they naturally want to eat.

    clear smoothie cup fill with sugar cubes


    Sip Less Sugar

    While handing your child a sports drink after soccer practice or grabbing a smoothie on the way home from school can feel innocent enough, a lot of sugar can be lurking in that straw! Sports drinks, juices, and energy drinks can all have a lot more added sugar than we realize. Thankfully, brands are recognizing parents’ desires to reduce sugar and acting accordingly. Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin Water, and Honest Kids all have lower sugar electrolyte drink and juice alternatives. And Zevia even has a Zevia Kids line with zero sugar! So before you grab an after school refreshment for your kids, check labels and try to find lower sugar alternatives that provide just as much satisfaction!

    pile of snacks from KetoKrate, including gummy bears, toaster pastry, granola bar, and cereal


    Swap Out Snacks

    You know by now that at KetoKrate, we’re all about working with our cravings instead of fighting against them. And kids can do the same thing! There are so many Keto-friendy snacks that are also KID-friendy! After all, our monthly Krates have been stocked with treats such as toaster pastries, gummy bears, and chocolate bars — just to name a few! You don’t have to be Keto to enjoy Keto-friendly treats and reduce your overall sugar intake. And many parents find that their kids don’t even notice the difference! 


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