Diana's Success Story

Diana's Success Story
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  • Diana had struggled with her weight as long as she could remember. After the birth of her third child, she knew she wanted to be around as long as possible for her kids, and decided enough was enough. Not only did she lose 100lbs within a year of starting Keto, but she has maintained that loss for over a year now! We are so excited to be a part of Diana’s journey, and admire her for everything she does for herself and her kids. You can find her on Instagram and TikTok @strongmomma4life, where she is always sharing motivation from her journey!

    I have always had issues with my weight. I’ve weighed over 200 pounds as far back as I can remember, worn size 18-22 since I was 16, and had to buy bigger shoes because my feet were so wide. Then 10 years ago, my husband and I moved our two boys from Alaska to Rhode Island for our youngest son’s health. I suffered from depression and anxiety and quickly put 40 pounds on. I became pregnant with our daughter, and after I gave birth to her in July 2019, I weighed my heaviest at 286. While I was pregnant with her, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was referred to a nutritionist who taught me how to eat a low carbohydrate diet. Then after she was born, I started learning about keto and all of the long term health benefits. 

    A before and after collage of Diana, before running a race on the left and a mirror selfie on the right.
    When my daughter was 6 months old, we went on a road trip and stayed in a hotel. My 3 kids and I love to swim and of course I had to have my husband take our photos. Later on when I went to post about the trip, I couldn't bring myself to post any pictures of myself. I didn't even recognize myself anymore. Weighing almost 300 pounds and knowing I was about to be chasing a toddler around, I’d had enough. I didn't want my kids to see me struggle with my weight anymore. I needed to put my health first and show myself and my family how strong I was. I needed to be there for my kids for as long as possible, and of course I also want to meet my great-great grandchildren.

    I chose keto because I needed a lifestyle change that I could do forever. I wasn't looking for a quick fix (never worked before), I was looking for a real change. The fact that I could make Keto meals that my family loved was a huge game-changer for me, and I loved that I could make most of my favorite meals keto, too. I immediately joined the keto community online, and was always on Pinterest learning new recipes. I prepared meals for the week, and I have shelves in the kitchen that are for all of my keto baking and cooking ingredients. I keep my snacks there as well, that way I only go to that section and avoid the foods I don't need to be eating.

    Collage of Diana's weight loss journey; three photos of her in a sports bra

    When I started out, I wish I knew how do-able keto was and how amazing the results are when you stick with something. I always loved to workout and I stayed active, but it wasn't until I got my nutrition under control by doing keto that I finally started to lose the weight. 

    I love to start my day with eggs and sausage. I ground the sausage up and scramble them together. Some mornings, I start with a bowl of keto cereal with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. For lunch, I have a caesar salad with no croutons, and I love the shaved cheese with it. For dinner, my favorite is zucchini lasagna (and I make a really good one now)! For dessert, I like keto ice cream or sugar-free jello with cool whip. 

    My children motivate me every single day. I want them to be proud of me, and I want them to see what success and dedication looks like at any age. I was 38 when I started keto, and now I feel younger and healthier than ever. My keto goals for the future are to reach my goal weight and maintain it for the rest of my life. I'm also hoping to inspire others to lose weight, and would love to be there for them during their weight loss journey. I truly believe everyone should feel their best.

    KetoKrate has been life-changing for me. I spend most of my time taking our son to his treatments and doctors appointments. Eating healthy on the go was always a struggle for me; I would wait so long to get food that I would start to feel starved and end up going through a drive-thru or eating out of a vending machine. Now, I have enough snacks to take with me to all of his appointments. I get a huge variety to try every month, and when I get something that I love (which is always), I can go and purchase it in bulk. I am so grateful for KetoKrate!

    A collage of Diana with her kids, before and after weight loss.
    One of my favorite snacks has been the Shrewd Food protein puffs - literally all the flavors. Quest and HighKey have also become favorites, and they're products that I purchase on a regular basis since I’ve tried them in my KetoKrate. 

    To anyone starting out, I would say “start now”. If you're like I was, you probably say, “I’ll start Monday,” and then never do. But put your health first NOW, because it is worth it. You will not regret getting healthier, but you will regret not trying. Also do your own research and decide what nutrition routine would be best for you. Just know that I am here for you every step of the way!

    It’s something I never thought I would say, but IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT! And if you choose keto, I would recommend you join KetoKrate right away! 


    • Federico Bohn

      65 weeks ago

      Hi ketokrate.com Owner, identical right here: Link Text

    • Eileen Jenkins

      93 weeks ago

      I met Diana just before she became pregnant with her 3rd child. My husband and I were @ a fundraiser that she was sponsoring for her son’s illness research. We struck up and maintained a lasting friendship.
      I have always struggled with my weight. Being 5’0 doesn’t allow me to gain much. No where to hid it. In past yrs I’ve exercised more but with weight gain comes exhaustion. As a nurse, comes more exhaustion. With COVID came so much stress eating. Through it all I kept seeing Diana lose weight. I was inspired but it took me a long time to pick up the phone. Finally I did. I started Keto & initially lost 30 lbs. I did well keeping it off for close to a yr but slowly about 12 has crept back on. I’m currently completely off Keto & I feel it. I’m thrilled that Diana continues to inspire me every day. This woman is fabulous. We have an event coming up together soon hoping to drop a few pounds b4 I see her again. Diana truly, truly, walks the walk. She has made a tremendous, positive difference in my life. I’m honored & proud to call her my friend.

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