Banana Pudding with High Key Vanilla Wafers

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Banana Pudding with High Key Vanilla Wafers
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  • Banana Pudding with High Key Vanilla Wafers
  • Banana pudding is a classic spring dessert and a childhood favorite. And just because we’re Keto’ing doesn’t mean we have to give up this yummy treat! High Key’s vanilla wafers are the perfect accompaniment to this easy-to-make banana pudding recipe. Make ahead of time for a gathering, or pre-portion it for an easy weeknight dessert!

    banana pudding


    1. Pour ½ cup of the heavy cream into a small bowl and whisk in the xanthan gum. Set aside
    2. Pour remaining heavy cream, keto-friendly milk, erythritol, and salt into a sauce pan and heat on medium until mixture begins to steam (do not let it boil)
    3. While milk mixture is heating, whisk egg yolks in a small bowl
    4. When milk mixture is ready, slowly stream about ½ cup of the liquid into the egg yolks while constantly whisking to prevent eggs from cooking
    5. Once it’s whisked together, pour egg mixture into saucepan and add the cream and xanthan gum you mixed together earlier
    6. Whisk continuously on medium high heat until mixture is simmering and has thickened
    7. Remove from heat and whisk in the banana extract and butter
    8. Pour into a large bowl and cover with plastic wrap - place the wrap directly on top of pudding mixture to prevent a skin from forming
    9. Chill in refrigerator for at least 4 hours, until fully set
    10. Combine all whipped cream ingredients in a large bowl and whip at high speed using a mixer until whipped and fluffy
    11. Once pudding is set, pour into serving dish (you can use a pie pan or casserole dish)

    banana pudding cup


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