Sopapilla Cheesecake SmartCakes

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Two Sopapilla Cheesecake SmartCakes in wrapping
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  • Yumm! We’re drooling over this cheesecake-filled Sopapilla SmartCake recipe that pays homage to one of our favorite deep-fried Mexican desserts — the sopapilla! A creamy cheesecake filling is hidden inside the walls of a soft, airy cupcake and topped with a mound of sweet cinnamon icing. Keto is about making adaptations, and with the help of Smart Baking Company’s Cinnamon SmartCakes, we were able to transform this traditionally high-carb dessert into a Keto-friendly masterpiece that mimics the soft, cinnamon-sugar pillows of air we’ve come to know and love.

    Two Sopapilla SmartCakes with one cut in half


    1. Stir together the cheesecake filling ingredients until smooth.
    2. Gently cut the center out of each SmartCake
    3. Fill the SmartCakes with the cheesecake filling
    4. Mix the icing ingredients until smooth, and pipe the icing on top of the filled SmartCakes


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