About us

We're a small group of overly enthusiastic snack lovin' keto'ers on a mission to make keto the most fun, accessible, sustainable diet you've ever tried.

Our Story

How Can KetoKrate Help?

We're Real Keto'ers

We understand what it's like to struggle through tough cravings and how easily a cheat day can turn into a cheat life. Satisfying cravings while discovering keto-friendly snacks is a tasty alternative to the 'I'll-start-again-on-Monday" mentality. Cheat less, keto more–with keto friendly snacks, delivered to your door.

We're Keto Snack Experts

We're the #1 keto subscription snack box–a title we're honored to have and one we intend to keep. We've tested hundreds of Keto snacks, delivered more than 700,000 KetoKrates, collected thousands of reviews, and understand which products Keto'ers want. If you've got cravings, we've got answers.

We Make Keto Fun!

We're flipping the script on what it feels like to cut your old favorite snacks out. No mo' FOMO! We can't promise you're never going to think of carbs, but you won't be checkin' your phone waiting for a call back if you know what I mean. We're helping people have more fun with their food, live better lives, and experience better snacks.

Our Small But Mighty Team

Theresa Ross

Brand Manager & Creative Director

Theresa is KetoKrate's first employee, big dreamer, and steadfast leader. She's lives, breathes, and of course, eats everything KetoKrate! (even her favourite color is orange!)

Tine Abraham

Operations Manager

Tine is the one that keeps it together, and keeps KetoKrate going. The hardest part of her job is making sure Theresa's not doing anything too crazy.

Emily Richman

Influencer & Content Manager

Emily is busy as a bee managing our social platforms, collaborating with our awesome influencers and creating the delicious recipes you see in your Krate every month!

Elyse Mullins

Customer Service Manager

To say that Elyse is "customer focused" is an understatement. She does an amazing job keeping our keto'ers happy! If you have an issue with your Krate you can count on Elyse!

Kim Taylor


Kim is an energetic creative specializing in typography and graphic design. She brings KetoKrate to life through the creation of visual content.

Scott Hoiland


Scott has a passion for all things tech, logic and problem solving.

Jordan Litvenenko


In 2012 Jordan fell in love with the keto diet after a life-long struggle with carb addiction. In 2014 this love combined with his passion for entrepreneurship and KetoKrate was born!


We're Hiring

Are you passionate about the keto diet and helping people improve their relationship with food? Send your resume to info@ketokrate.com

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